Top 7 Best AI Platforms For Automation According To Experts

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Automation is the process of using technology to complete a task or series of tasks with little or no human intervention. AI can help improve automation by providing the ability to learn and improve over time through data and feedback.

Additionally, AI can help automate decision-making and actions, which can further improve efficiency and productivity. There are many reasons to use AI in automation. Some benefits include the ability to automate tasks that are difficult or impossible for humans to do, the ability to scale automation efforts, and the ability to make decisions based on data. AI in automation can help speed up processes, make decisions and suggest improvements.

For example, natural language processing (NLP) helps improve automation by allowing computers to understand human language. This enables them to carry out tasks such as automatically responding to customer queries or identifying the sentiment of customer reviews. So here are some of the best AI platforms for automation recommended by experts.

Website Linkedin has developed an AI platform that accurately classifies, extracts, and searches information within unstructured documents based on a natural language understanding (NLU) innovation inspired by neuroscience

It is enabling businesses to more quickly, accurately, and effectively search, extracts, annotate and analyze information from unstructured text. These meaning-based solutions require little training data and are quickly implemented in enterprise environments. The AI-based NLU technology is based on semantic folding and neuroscience. It is a real differentiator in addressing the challenge of processing unstructured text data as it understands the meaning of sentences, paragraphs, and concepts, not just keywords, and consequently delivers highly accurate results. The company is working to enable semantic supercomputing, the ability to process streams of natural language content at a massive scale in real-time through the use of hardware acceleration.

Numerous Fortune 500 businesses are having unprecedented success in solving business problems with complex NLU challenges without the need for in-house AI experience. It’s being brought in when IBM Watson has failed.

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This technology has been a huge benefit for the management of supply chains, health care, education, and sporting events.

It’s important for facilities and supply chains to set up and maintain an optimized network connection to proactively resolve potential issues before they occur. There are multiple ways how wireless networking enhancements can assist with real-time distribution, and inventory visibility and enhance the simplicity of tracking with wireless technologies—in turn, preventing shipping delays and issues with shipments getting lost.

Additionally, WiFi connectivity and overall network engagement are crucial to sporting events. However, there are steps event planners can take ahead of time to ensure smooth connectivity, and more importantly, avoid that nagging “what’s up with the WiFi?” question.

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Vital A.I.

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Through the development of data-driven applications in the field of artificial intelligence, Vital A.I. software has enhanced its capabilities throughout time.

Vital A.I. incorporates data configuration, data model building, and an interactive user interface on its way to becoming one of the greatest AI systems in its area. This program includes its exclusive Vital AI Development Kit (VDK), which facilitates the development of artificial intelligence across industries. With its tried-and-true uses, VDK is a beneficial tool for both expert and novice users to install effective algorithms for improved outcomes. Ultimately, this platform provides a low-level fundamental data model to allow diverse data processing systems.

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It is the only one that can automate any system (visual & API) and applies AI in identifying elements, i.e., you can automate responsive webpages/applications in a single run as automatically identifies relations between elements while the automation executes.

  • AI is applied in the following areas:
  • Classification of text
  • Understanding on-screen text
  • Identification relations between elements

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Website Linkedin

They can automate complicated and repetitive operations. Their AI system can process any document format without the requirement for templates or concern over the rotation of a file’s documents.

Artificial intelligence has proven advantageous for businesses in all industries. By allowing AI to execute activities without human intervention, businesses can concentrate on more important duties and make quicker decisions.

With platforms such as producing AI-powered software, they are assisting people who still rely on manual document processing, which slows down their workflow. A platform powered by artificial intelligence enables customers to rapidly validate information while minimizing their processing costs.

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I believe Kanverse is the leading document processing platform powered by AI. It enables organizations with AI-powered automated solutions to automate the document processing procedure.

It can serve a variety of use cases across the enterprise in order to eliminate bottlenecks, optimize business processes, and reduce manual touchpoints in workflows.

The Kanvese system of intelligence offers a decision and analytics engine, a conversational and programmatic interface, and out-of-the-box connectors for integrating with enterprise data-maintaining users and record systems. Kanverse IDP digitizes document processing for businesses, including ingestion, classification, extraction, validation, and filing.

Kanverse IDP manages a range of documents, such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Quotations. The entire process is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to make corporate processes more resilient to interruptions, optimize cost, reduce human error, and assist in mitigating risks.

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Wipro Holmes

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Wipro’s AI platform, Holmes, is designed to boost productivity, responsiveness, and the user’s overall experience. There are numerous solutions Holmes can provide to meet the needs of all types of enterprises and keep them ahead of the competition.

These solutions include cognitive process automation (CPA), NLP (Natural Language Processing), self-learning, advanced analytics, and predictive systems. It’s possible to employ Holmes in a number of crucial areas, such as network development, virtual assistants, security and cloud operations, to ensure maximum efficiency at all times. It is possible for businesses to give a world-class experience to their customers with Holmes’ end-to-end smart solutions that feel highly individualized.

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