Tokyo’s Precious Metals Innovators Pushing Boundaries in Futuristic Technology

Tokyo, the bustling and vibrant capital of Japan, poses as a key player in the thriving precious metals industry. A plethora of companies are headquartered in this city, contributing significantly to the global precious metals market. These firms operate in a variety of fields, from energy to manufacturing, and use precious metals in diverse applications.

Energy conglomerate, manufacturing giants, and firms dedicated to the business of precious metals make Tokyo’s precious metal industry a dynamic and diverse field, reflecting the city’s commitment to innovation and progress. In this technological age where precious metals are used in various high-tech applications, these Tokyo-based companies have a crucial role to play.

Here is a feature on some notable companies at the epicenter of Tokyo’s precious metals industry, highlighting the key products and services they offer, from raw materials to finished products and services. These companies contribute to Tokyo’s economy and lead in the industry, each carving out their unique roles in this critical market.


JSW is a global conglomerate operating in the fields of steel and energy products, including electric power, oil, natural gas, and other energy sources. They also have a wide range of industrial machinery products with a primary focus on plastics processing devices and products using lasers. Visit their website here

Tanaka Kikinzoku Group

Working as a privately held firm, the Tanaka Kikinzoku Group delves into the development and marketing of various products containing precious metals. Automotives, communication devices, household appliances, energy, and semiconductors are sectors that benefit from their innovative work. The company also recovers and refines precious metals from various types of industrial scrap. Explore more on their website


Famous for its work in the field of environmental engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturing, precious metals, and recycling, Dowa was co-founded by Denzaburo Fujita. The company has a significant digital footprint with both a website and a Facebook presence. You can explore their website here or find them on Facebook here

Mitsui Mining & Smelting

Known widely for its production of non-ferrous metals like copper and lead alloys, Mitsui Mining & Smelting Company, Ltd. is a leader in manufacturing precious metals. Find out more about their work in the field here


Operating in diverse sectors like consumer goods, information technology, precious metals, sales, and software, HAPPY PRICE is a significant player in Tokyo’s precious metals industry. They are yet another gem in Tokyo’s array of precious metal companies. Learn more about them on their website

Net Japan

A unique mix of industries – auctions, jewelry, and precious metals – marks the operations of Net Japan. They trade in precious metals and commodities like gold, platinum, silver, palladium, diamonds, jewelry, and brand watches. Connect with them on their website or follow them on Twitter @NJ_jiganebu

Matsuda Sangyo

A company making its significant contribution in the fields of mining and precious metals in Tokyo is Matsuda Sangyo. You can explore more about the company on their website or connect with them over LinkedIn


Apart from dealing with precious metals, KASHIMA is engaged in industries like jewelry, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale. Their diverse operations place them as a flexible player in the precious metals sector in Tokyo. You can find more about them on their website

Ishifuku Metal Industry

Manufacturing and selling precious metals, carrying out product design, and managing sales, Ishifuku Metal Industry plays a comprehensive role in Tokyo’s precious metals industry. More about their operations can be found on their website

Nippon Steel Stainless Steel Pipe

Primarily a manufacturer of steel tubes, Nippon Steel Stainless Steel has a diverse production range from general pipes to ultra-precision special pipes for various industries. Discover more about their products and services on their website

Tokuriki Honten

Another company in the precious metals industry dealing in retail and wholesale is Tokuriki Honten. For more information about Tokuriki Honten, visit their website.

Written by Mark Smith

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