Swindon Based Innovators Leading the Charge in Recycling Technology Advancements

Readers of Futurology, the cutting-edge publication for inquisitive minds interested in tomorrow’s technology trends, will be captivated by this series of profiles on some of the most progressive recycling companies based in the proud town of Swindon, part of the pastoral Wiltshire County in the United Kingdom. These innovators are at the forefront of evolving the recycling industry, driving change and propelling sustainable success within their unique sectors.

Each one operates in diverse areas of recycling, from traditional waste management to more specialised niches such as automotive recycling, environmental consulting, and even 3D Printing. Regardless of their specific industry, their common mission is fitted towards recycling, sustainability, and environmental consciousness.

Below, we introduce these organizations, each with an inherent drive towards sustainability, change, and progress. We are positive that their efforts towards revolutionizing the sustainability frontier will inspire other entities worldwide.

Recycling Technologies

Founded by Adrian Griffiths, Recycling Technologies operates within realms of environmental consulting, environmental engineering, recycling, and waste management. Their cutting-edge RT7000 machine converts plastic waste material into Plaxx®, an invaluable resource used for plastic production. The innovative technology behind this compact and modular machine, represents a significant stride in boosting recycling capacity, turning a global issue into a win-win solution. If you are interested, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for their latest updates.

Tetronics Technologies

Tetronics Technologies operates in sectors as diverse as Chemical, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Recycling, Renewable Energy, and Waste Management. Their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages provide detailed information and updates about their breakthroughs and contributions towards a greener planet.

The Hills Group

The Hills Group engages in environmental engineering, recycling, and waste management services. Stay connected with them on their social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Remove My Car Ltd

Remove My Car Ltd is an automotive recycling company that continues to make strides in their industry. You can check out their latest news and connect with them on their Facebook page.


Operating in the domains of 3D Printing, 3D Technology, Manufacturing, Printing, and Recycling, Scaled represents a modern approach to environmental responsibility. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for exciting updates and news.

Thamesdown Recycling

Founded by Jeremy Freeth, Thamesdown Recycling operates within environmental consulting, recycling, sustainability, and waste management, working towards creating a more sustainable future. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for updates about their work and impact.

Hills Quarry Products

Founded by Michael Hill, Hills Quarry Products is a supplier of various building materials, promoting recycling in the construction and agricultural sectors. You can interact with them and get insights by following their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Written by Mark Smith

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