Sustainable GreenTech Innovations Emerging from Santiago’s Metropolitan Region

Welcome to the cutting edge of GreenTech, a burgeoning industry that marries forward-thinking innovation and earth-friendly solutions. In this exciting field, companies utilize advanced technology to drive potent surges of sustainable progress throughout global economies. Particularly, in Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile, an array of pioneering startups in GreenTech are making monumental strides in sectors like biotechnology, sustainability, and CleanTech. In today’s article, we spotlight these companies, boldly coloring the future with greener strokes.

From transforming polluting products into eco-friendly replacements, to creating platforms that make recycling more accessible and appealing, these companies operate with the common goal of preserving the integrity of our earth’s habitats while promoting green business practices. Let’s explore what each of these trailblazing companies are accomplishing in Chile’s vibrant GreenTech scene.

In absence of the possibility to visit their physical headquarters due to the current global situation, we have provided a comprehensive overview for each company, along with their social media placements and their website links. So, sit back, relax, and journey through the landscape of Santiago’s GreenTech industry, right from the comfort of your homes or offices.


Founded by Ignacio Parada da Fonseca and Juan Eduardo Joannon, BioElements is a revolutionary player in the Biotechnology, CleanTech, and GreenTech industry. Striving to eliminate pollution, the company is forging an ecological alternative to conventional plastic objects. The innovation does not compromise quality, with BioElements products matching and sometimes exceeding international standards. Linkedin.


Beeok is a GreenTech enterprise that specializes in Software Solutions for Sustainability. The startup was launched by Carolina Montt, Cristian Bustos Salas, Javiera Silva, and Linco Ñanco. Their B2B SaaS software suite aids businesses in managing environmental, health, and safety law compliance, waste management, carbon and water footprints, among other things. Linkedin | Twitter


Emitless deploys green technology to provide a unique cleaning method for catalytic converters, thereby reducing emissions. It holds a unique niche in the GreenTech and Information Technology scene of Santiago.


Reciclapp, a game-changing platform that simplifies recycling, was founded by Cristian Lara. The startup operates in 132 cities across Latin America, allowing recycling of up to 24 types of waste by offering a collection service. The company has impacted more than 100,000 people and recycled over 9200 tons of waste since its inception. Linkedin | Twitter


Founded by Cristóbal Undurraga, Ceibo operates in the Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, GreenTech, and Manufacturing sectors. The company’s contributions, though somewhat under wraps, show promise of being a significant player in the GreenTech field. Linkedin

Mountain Partners Chile

Mountain Partners Chile is unfurling a new landscape in the GreenTech and Impact Investing industry, with projects significantly impacting the course of sustainable development. Linkedin


Revolutionizing last-mile logistics, Muvsmart offer solutions keeping environmental impact at minimal. Founded by David Berdichevsky and Pablo Casorzo, the company operates a fleet of electric cars and cargo bikes, optimizing routes using machine learning technology. Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook


Muvter, the brainchild of Vicente Doh, aims to foster eco-friendly norms across the green tech domain. The company is forging ahead with a mission to provide environment-friendly alternatives to the current energy-depleteing methods. Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin


Consolidating its role in the GreenTech and Manufacturing sectors, Greensystems is contributing towards substantial progress in machinery manufacturing. The company’s exact contributions remain undisclosed, but they are certainly promising newcomers in Chile’s GreenTech scene. Linkedin | Facebook

Written by Mark Smith

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