Sunnyvale’s Pioneering Energy Efficiency Firms Transforming the Future

As the world grapples with environmental and energy challenges, a new generation of innovative companies is coming to the fore. Particularly in the realm of energy efficiency, these corporations are discovering more sustainable, cost-effective alternatives to traditional energy sources and finding smarter ways to consume energy. A hotbed of this revolutionary activity is Sunnyvale, California, a dominant player in the global technology industry map. Home to many giants in the tech industry, Sunnyvale has become a breeding ground for companies that are revolutionizing the energy efficiency industry.

In this series, we spotlight companies with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California focusing on energy-efficient solutions. These organizations are leveraging technology to create platforms, products, and services that promote more efficient utilization of energy resources. Particularly notable is the multitude of application areas these businesses serve – be it lighting control, materials design, electronic devices, or building materials.

While each of these companies is distinct in their offerings, their shared commitment to energy efficiency offers a vision of a more sustainable future. Read on as we delve into the fascinating work of these trailblazing organizations.

Sensity Systems

Founded by Hugh Martin, Rao Arimilli, and Rusty Cumpston, Sensity Systems utilizes the global shift towards LED lighting to build a Light Sensory Network (LSN), enabling better lighting control and energy efficiency. It works extensively with application developers to provide integrated solutions that tackle various business challenges. Follow them on Twitter @SensitySystems, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.

LifeLabs Design

Founded by Meng Sui and Yi Cui, LifeLabs Design combines materials science and technology to reduce energy consumption. They primarily focus on clean energy storage, water purification, and thermoregulation. Follow them on Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.

Turntide Technologies

Founded by Mark Johnston, Piyush Desai, Ryan Morris, and Trevor Creary, Turntide Technologies is an industrial automation company dedicated to creating energy efficient solutions. You can follow them on Twitter @turntidetech, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.


With founders Bob Roohparvar and Frankie Roohparvar, Batteroo is committed to extending battery life and thereby minimizing energy waste. Find them on Twitter @GoBatteroo and Facebook here.


Innovalight, founded by Conrad Burke and Paul Thurk, specializes in high efficiency, low-cost solar modules using liquid-based silicon processing.


Founded by Guillermo Gebhart, VOLTU specializes in developing and manufacturing high-quality electric powertrain solutions. You can find them on Twitter @voltuMC, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.

Serious Energy

Serious Energy, founded by Kevin Surace and Marc Porat, is dedicated to developing sustainable building materials that reduce the environmental impact of the built environment. You can find them on Twitter @GetSerious and LinkedIn here.


Founded by Young Liang, xMight provides an electric vehicle charging management system, which can enhance power safety and demand management. Follow them on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

Integrating PV

Integrated Photovoltaics is an industry leader in next-generation photovoltaic solutions, serving as a catalyst for more sustainable energy solutions.

These innovative companies have shown how it’s possible to combine technology, intelligent design, and a deep understanding of customer needs to create products and services that promote a more sustainable future. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight these incredible companies and the exciting work they’re doing in energy efficiency.

Written by Mark Smith

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