Spotlight on Fort Lauderdale’s Pioneering Machine Learning Tech Companies

Futurology Feature: Fort Lauderdale’s Flourishing Machine Learning Companies

The disruptive potential of Machine Learning has sent waves across industries. This future-shaping technology is responsible for reshaping the way companies operate, opening innovative pathways for business. A hotspot for this innovation is nestled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where companies utilize Machine Learning to amplify their operational efficiency and redefine their industry sectors. This fascinating ecosystem has seeded numerous vibrant start-ups, creating a magnetic pull for tech talent. In this article, we will spotlight nine of these trailblazing companies.


Co-founder John Ivarone envisioned a new frontier in video advertising. DeepVideo was formed to identify products in video content with AI tools and deliver Smart Product Ads™ that visually match the video content in real-time. This inventive solution offers publishers lucrative revenue streams, brands power to display the most relevant products at the optimal moment, and consumers the convenience to buy discovered items as they watch their favorite videos.

ITContingency LLC

Founded by Aaron McKay, ITContingency revolutionizes emergency response systems. Their leading product, Simpliot, leverages IoT, proprietary software and advanced AI technology to deliver ultra-fast, reasonably priced Intelligent Monitoring Systems and Citadel detection solutions. These systems allow for the simultaneous notification of a large number of people across a campus or office complex during an emergency, providing valuable situational awareness to first responders.


Jamie Dos Santos heads Cybraics, a company focused on resolving the most challenging problems in cyber security using advanced AI and machine learning. Their platform, nLighten, combines various types of machine learning with their own AI engine, Janus, to detect unknown, advanced threats and targeted attacks that could compromise security.


Fed up with generic, non-specific pet food options, Pedro Moras and Steve O. Hernandez, Ph.D., founded PetMio. They harnessed the power of wearable technology and the SMART nutrition system to create personalized pet food based on each pet’s activity data. Their organic, all-natural, and human-grade ingredients ensure that our pets get the nutrition they need individually.


With a vision to simplify property transactions, Michel Triana founded Realdax. Their platform provides an investment-driven property search for agents, brokers, and investors, supported by market analytics and insights and a simple visual sales CRM. Artificial intelligence powers their property valuation and rental models, sales forecasting, and other essential tools to streamline operations in the real estate industry.

All Clear

All Clear is a consulting company that leverages machine learning to enhance healthcare and IT services. Despite limited information about the company and its founders, their commitment to improving decision-making in these critical industries is apparent.

Splinex Technology

Though details about the founders and operations of Splinex Technology are sparse, it’s clear they are committed to using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create innovative software solutions.

The Pérez brothers, Federico and Martín, started to simplify order management and delivery for small and medium enterprises. Their platform allows businesses to create, manage, and assign orders automatically using AI, while also offering real-time order tracking.

While more and more companies are being drawn to the attractive pull of Fort Lauderdale’s tech environment, these companies have already made their impact. By leveraging machine learning within their unique sectors, they’re able to provide cutting-edge solutions that are reshaping the future of their industries. The continued growth of machine learning in Fort Lauderdale promises exciting advancements for these sectors and more to come.

Written by Mark Smith

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