Smart Building Innovators Revolutionizing Industry from Oakland, California

Oakland, California, home to burgeoning startups and established enterprises, has seen companies in the Smart Building industry flourish within its city limits. From AI to architecture, this article will highlight some of the most innovative and forward-thinking organizations operating within this sector. The Smart Building industry integrates advanced technology, energy efficiency, and intelligent design to enhance the utilization and management of buildings. Let’s delve into these companies, all of which are pioneering new ways to reinvent our built environment.

Headquartered in Oakland, these businesses utilize cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking to redefine what is possible in the arena of smart buildings. From infrastructural transformations such as solar power and energy-efficient appliances to software solutions designed to streamline facilities management, these companies span the entire spectrum of the Smart Building landscape.

What they share is a common goal: to elevate the functionality, comfort, and sustainability of the spaces we inhabit. Each of these corporations represents a crucial piece of the Smart Building puzzle, pushing the envelope in their respective domains to construct a future where buildings are more than just bricks and mortar. They are dynamic, adaptable, and perceptive – so let’s meet the companies making it happen.


Founded by Andrew Krioukov and Stephen Dawson-Haggerty, Comfy uses artificial intelligence and business intelligence to create intuitive workplace apps that are driven by their passion for creating amazing workplace experiences. Their cloud-based software fosters a seamless and secure connection between employees and their physical and digital workplaces – enhancing productivity and delight.


PowerScout, under the leadership of Attila Toth and Kumar Dhuvur, aims to revolutionize the home improvement industry through artificial intelligence and big data. PowerScout leverages a data-driven approach to help consumers understand their smart home improvement options and enables them to confidently make decisions that enhance the efficiency of their homes.

Phillips Win Architecture

Delivering smart and innovative architectural solutions, Phillips Win Architecture is an integral player in the construction and artistic design segment within the Smart Building industry. Their expertise in architectural design and construction significantly contributes to the creation of smart buildings in Oakland.

Aamidor Consulting

Founded by Joseph Aamidor, Aamidor Consulting provides top-tier consulting services in energy management, facility management, and information technology. They aid businesses within the Smart Building industry in navigating the complex landscape of software and hardware that are key to creating intelligent buildings.

Fortress Marine Construction

Specializing in marine dock and fleck construction, Fortress Marine Construction brings its expertise in building maintenance, construction, and material to the Smart Building industry. They have been instrumental in the development and enhancement of numerous spaces in California.


Mike Wilson and Sherry Hu founded BriteThings to leverage technology within the energy sector, providing smart, energy-efficient solutions that significantly contribute to the Smart Building industry.

Viewpoint Real Estate Investment Services

Viewpoint Real Estate Investment Services provides comprehensive strategies for capital preservation, development, and property management. They ensure real estate owners and investors optimize their investments through their personalized commercial brokerage and development services in the Smart Building domain.

Written by Mark Smith

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