Singapore’s Central Region’s Pioneering Innovations in Smart Building Industry

H3 Dynamics

H3 Dynamics is a global air mobility technology company with a mission to decarbonize air mobility. Founded by Taras Wankewycz, the company boasts a rich 15-year R&D record in hydrogen flight, starting with a NASA-backed program. Through one unified cloud platform, it sells autonomous outcomes as a service across various industry sectors, including Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Renewable Energy, Robotics, and Smart Building. Among its various innovative solutions, the company is hailed for developing proprietary machine learning-based engineering solutions for defect mapping and rectification in the built environment.


TNB AURA is a venture capital fund looking to become the marquee venture capital fund in Southeast Asia. Founded by entrepreneurs and fund managers Charles Wong, Kelvin Ong, and Vicknesh R Pillay, the firm provides more than just equity to companies operating in the realms of EdTech, FinTech, Industrial Automation, Internet of Things, Logistics, Smart Building, and Smart Cities. They invest between $1-$5 million per investee company at either Series A or B.


Pronounced as ‘better life’, BtrLyf aims to foster the co-creation of sustainable buildings. Founded by Nilesh Jadhav, BtrLyf utilises their open and unified digital platform to enable collaboration and AI-driven assessment of green buildings and related solutions. The company operates in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Green Building, GreenTech, Machine Learning, Real Estate, Smart Building, Software, and Sustainability.


Schonell is a global solution provider for wireless telecommunication solutions. With offices in Singapore, Germany, and Greece, the firm delivers robust solutions for various residential and commercial applications, further enhancing security, mobility, and accessibility. Their innovative systems are installed in thousands of global establishments.


The first startup and leading provider of Converged Application Platform Ecosystem for Smart+Connected IoT in Asia, Variantz strives to deliver significant value through actionable Smart-Connectedness. The firm, founded by Ethan Seow, is highly competent in Hardware, Integration, Deployment, Application, and Consulting capabilities (HIDAC).


Staytion operates in the realms of Commercial Real Estate, Coworking, Facility Management, Property Management, Real Estate, and Smart Building. They are headquartered in Singapore, Central Region, Singapore.


Headquartered in Singapore, Central Region, Singapore, Spaceworx offers innovative solutions in Information Technology, Smart Building, and Smart Home. Founded by Hari Gunasingham and Lakshan Weerasekera, the firm aims to offer state-of-the-art solutions for Smart Buildings.

Asia Smart Build Private Limited

Founded by Maxime Lemière and Nicolas Marchand, Asia Smart Build Private Limited aims to help businesses capitalize on opportunities in the construction sector. They offer a state-of-the-art online procurement platform for construction buyers – the Smart Tender and Smart Lead, which allows vendors to discover new business opportunities and build meaningful relationships.


Operating in the Energy Management and Smart Building sector, Testgroup is based in Singapore, Central Region, Singapore. They provide innovative solutions in the Smart Building industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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