Showcasing Paris-Based Trailblazers in the Augmented Reality Tech Sector

Augmented Reality (AR) is a burgeoning industry, and Paris, Ile-de-France, is a burgeoning hub for it. This technology, which enhances the real world with digital objects and information, is revolutionising numerous sectors, from entertainment and gaming to retail and healthcare. Let’s dive into some of the most promising AR companies that call Paris their home. These firms are not just pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AR, but are shaping the future of the industry.


Founded by Stan Larroque, Lynx focuses on standalone Mixed Reality with the Lynx-R1 headset, combining powerful computing capability, top-notch optics, and a compact form factor. Lynx operates in the fields of Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Optical Communication, and Virtual Reality. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates on their vision.


Wisear, co-founded by Alain Sirois and Yacine Achiakh creates audio processing technology that integrates with wireless headphones and VR headsets, allowing users to control music by detecting their head and face bio-electrical activity. Explore more about them at their LinkedIn profile and follow their updates on Twitter.

Cozy Cloud

Cozy Cloud, a startup based in Paris, is on a mission to empower users with an intelligent, decentralized and secure personal digital home where they can manage all their data. Offering open source software solutions, Cozy Cloud is a solid bet on the comfort and security of data in Cloud Computing, AR, PaaS, and Software firms. Connect with them on their social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Futures Factory

A digital and physical world merging platform, Futures Factory uses AR and blockchain technology to revolutionise the sneaker marketplace. Co-founded by Alexandre Frih and Nicolas Romero.


SmartPixels, with its innovative 3D product configurators, helps brands in enhancing their visual customer experience. It offers seamless and interactive product visualisation and configuration experience, leveling up digital marketing and e-commerce strategies. Connect with them via their social platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Gabsee is a unique social network platform that lets its users express themselves through their personalised avatars in an augmented reality environment. Founded by Arthur Pernot, Bruno Grégoire, and Lucas Bouyoux in 2016, check them out on their social profiles: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Minsar Studio

Minsar Studio, founded by Soraya Jaber and Thomas Nigro, provides a no-code platform for creating, sharing, and collaborating on AR/VR experiences. It has multiple applications across sectors, from retail and architecture to culture and corporate training. Stay updated with them via their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels.


Providing businesses with a tool to visualize their 3D models in real-time in Augmented Reality, Augment has been helping retailers and manufacturers increase sales and reduce returns. Founded by Cyril Champier, Jean-Francois Chianetta, and Mickael Jordan, you can follow them through their social links on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Spectral Augmented Industries

Offering a SaaS platform for augmented maintenance, Spectral Augmented Industries aims to assist and educate technicians during maintenance operations. Co-founded by Amaury Cottin and Maxence Boucas, you can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Mindsight, co-founded by Eddy Reyes and Richard Chan, is an intelligent software development platform that uses machine learning to extract data from team’s code and project management history. This allows engineering leaders to be faster and more efficient with quantitative analytics. Follow them on their social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Find & Order

Find & Order offers an infrastructure-free indoor positioning solution to cater to a variety of BtoB use cases. Co-founded by Arthur Guelton and Mickael Carvalho, the solution doesn’t require any on-site infrastructure making it useful for a wide range of industries. Stay updated with their advancements through their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

From redefining consumer electronics and music to disrupting traditional retail, logistics, and facility management, these Paris-based startups are leveraging AR’s transformative potential to create solutions for the future. They are the vanguards leading the AR renaissance in Paris and beyond.

Written by Mark Smith

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