Semiconductor Innovations: Spotlight on Moscow’s Prominent Tech Companies

In the heart of Russia’s capital, Moscow, a city steeped in history, culture, and the best of technology, witnesses a boom in the semiconductor industry. A city known for its vibrant technological ecosystem, it houses several front-running companies making strides in the Semiconductor industry. This series aims to throw light on these bleeding-edge companies shaping the future of various sectors including autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, medical devices, and more.

Moscow is now becoming a hub for innovation in the Semiconductor industry. It’s evident from the diverse range of sectors these companies operate in, from electronics and manufacturing to communication hardware and finance. Here we introduce companies headquartered in the heart of Moscow, making their mark in this space.

This carefully curated list gives you a brief overview of the acclaimed companies operating in Moscow in the field of semiconductors – their industrial backgrounds providing descriptions and quick facts. Let’s present these companies that are changing our future.


Founded in Moscow, DEPHAN is emerging as a firm specialized in Silicon Photomultiplier technology for various applications from remote sensing to medical uses. Being a trailblazer in building robust detectors, the company is paving the way for next-gen solid-state photomultipliers to replace established vacuum photomultiplier tubes. You can learn more about their work from their Linkedin page.

Ftech LLC

Ftech LLC, co-founded by Ruslan Sultanov, prides itself on developing high-performance plasma sterilization technology. Catering to industries spanning hardware, healthcare, and semiconductors, the company is refining the industrial sterilization processes. Follow them on Linkedin for more details.


As Russia’s largest microelectronics manufacturer, Mikron exports its brainchild and holds a knowledgeable center for the Russian semiconductor industry. It produces over 700 products, including integrated circuits for secure data carriers and RFID marking. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Troika Dialog

Founded by Peter Derby, Troika Dialog, specializes in capital markets and personal investments. They recently merged with Sberbank of Russia, further enhancing their financial service offerings.

Baikal Electronics

Creeping into the circuit design business, Baikal Electronics designs integrated circuits and systems-on-chip architecture based on ARM and MIPS. Their energy-saving solutions for multicore processors serve a variety of sectors. Catch them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Syntacore, under the leadership of Alexander Redkin, provides customizable microprocessor cores and tools centered around the RISC-V instruction set. More about them can be found on their Linkedin page.


Angstrem, a Moscow-based company, operates in the semiconductor industry, offering various developer tools, electronics, and manufacturing solutions. Get updated about their innovations on Linkedin.

Compel Electronics

Compel Electronics, founded in Moscow, is renowned in the fields of electronics, industrial engineering, manufacturing, and semiconductors, offering a unique blend of solutions. You can follow them on Linkedin for recent updates.


A premier developer and manufacturer of high-thermal conductive PCB and substrates, RUSALOX, caters to high-tech demands. Their unique heat-radiating substrates have revolutionized the heat-dissipating mechanism in electronics. Stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


RU-VEM LLC specializes in vacuum equipment and energy-saving solutions based on variable frequency drives. In addition to production and design, they offer a full service for their units, reflecting innovation in their approaches.


Focusing on highly efficient and cost-effective solutions in thermoelectric systems, THERMOINTECH blends innovative technologies with practical needs. They offer custom solutions to address industry-specific challenges.

In sum, Moscow is making a mark on the world’s semiconductor market. As the headquarters of many pioneering companies in this industry, it is indeed shaping the future of technology and development, making itself a landmark in the field.

Written by Mark Smith

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