Santa Monica’s Pioneering Energy Firms Revolutionizing the Future of Power

Welcome to Santa Monica, California, a city known not just for its gorgeous coastlines and thriving arts scene but also for being a powerhouse in the fight for a more sustainable and clean future. This beautiful urban oasis is a bustling hub for cutting-edge companies operating in the Energy industry, harnessing bleeding-edge technology and innovative solutions to revolutionize the way we utilize and conserve power. We have rounded up some of the city’s leading firms, each contributing unique and essential advancements to the world of clean and renewable energy. Welcome to the future.


Founded by Danny Hayes, Philip Eggen, and Soheila Yalpani, TerraScale is a decorated green development firm focused on accelerating the move towards a more sustainable planet. The company leverages modern technology and strategic project funding to bring sustainable infrastructure on a broader scale. Feeling confident yet? If not, be assured that they’re advised by none other than Goldman Sachs. Already leading the way in Civil Engineering, CleanTech, and Energy Storage, the future for this company looks as evergreen as the projects they seek to deploy. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Swell Energy

Next up is Swell Energy, founded by Andrew Meyer, Matthew Rising, and Suleman Khan. As a home energy company, Swell introduces easy ways for consumers to manage their home energy use, achieve energy security and embrace clean energy technologies. By creating a vast network of dynamic clean energy resources in utility service areas, they are paving the way for a fair and balanced distributed energy system. Follow their journey on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Cypress Creek Renewables

Cypress Creek Renewables, led by Kevin Knee and Matthew McGovern, focuses on transforming underutilized land into solar farms, providing renewable energy to local communities at rates lower than fossil fuels. By combining advanced solar technology with thoughtful design, Cypress Creek is bringing cleaner, price-stable electricity to more than a dozen states from coast to coast. You can check them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on their Twitter page @CCRSolar.



WISE Power

Lastly, WISE Power, founded by Kevin Williams, aim to change the way people think about power by empowering them to control their environmental footprints. Their solutions include power quality monitoring, intelligent power factor correction, and voltage management to help reduce homeowners’ energy bills. Don’t miss out on their progress, follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

These companies all operate from the sunny shores of Santa Monica, and though their approaches may differ, their shared vision of a cleaner, more efficient future is clear. Each is breaking new ground in their respective fields, embodying the forward-thinking mindset that is characteristic of this dynamic city. Indeed, the future of Energy looks bright from here.

Written by Mark Smith

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