Santa Ana’s Leading Precious Metals Firms: Innovating the Future of Mining

Delving deep into the heart of Santa Ana, California, we find a thriving hotbed of innovation, viably inscribed in the Precious Metals industry. A number of firms stand out in this unique sector with remarkable contributions across fields ranging from manufacturing to industrial automation, e-commerce to security. This article takes you on a tour of some of the exceptional companies headquartered in this locale.

This lineup showcases businesses not restricted by the traditional bounds of the industry, but rather, extend their horizons to integrate the use of precious metals in diverse domains. Not only do they specialize in manufacturing and dealing with precious metals, but their applications span across innovative bleeding edge sectors.

Here, expressed in fine detail, are the profiles of these industry-leading enterprises, demonstrating their unique blend of services, capabilities and their unmistakable mark on the future of the Precious Metals industry. Each company name is linked to its respective website for an in-depth exploration and understanding of their contribution to the industry and the world at large.


As a frontier company in the Electronics and Industrial Automation space, Holovision extends its expertise into the realm of precious metals, security, and smart homes. The company harbours an illustrious profile devoid of limitations, with a secure footing in the precious metals arena. Dive deeper into Holovision’s immense contribution and novel integration on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels.

Mexmil Company LLC

Leading the world in the design, manufacture, and repair of thermal-acoustic insulation systems, Mexmil Company LLC is a paradigm of innovation in the Precious Metals industry. With production hubs situated in Mexico and through a joint venture in China, Mexmil serves prominent global clients from airlines to cargo carriers with supreme quality insulations systems. A more incisive look into this well-established company’s operations can be garnered through its manifold presence in the aerospace and aircraft industries.

S & S Precision Manufacturing

S&S Precision Manufacturing is a stellar supplier of precision parts, drawing its strength from solid bars, plates, billets, and castings. Founded by David Mosier, this company majorly focuses on manufacturing and mechanical engineering. It readily embraces advanced technology, utilizing CAD and CAM programming systems, along with CNC equipment. More about the company and its offerings can be found on its LinkedIn page.

David Hall Rare Coins

Enter the world of e-commerce and online portals with David Hall Rare Coins. This company captures a unique segment of the precious metals industry, providing an enriching spectrum of services in the rare coin domain. You can connect with the company on their Facebook page or via their Twitter handle for recent updates and offerings.

Tobin Steel Company

Renowned for its work in the Industrial Manufacturing sector, the Tobin Steel Company is yet another prominent figure in the precious metals industry. The company’s sphere of expertise extends beyond the core to cover an expansive horizon, setting them apart as a key player. Follow their Facebook page or Twitter handle to stay updated with their progress and contributions.

Precious Metals Plating Company

In the domain of precious metals, the Precious Metals Plating Company has carved a niche for itself with a razor-sharp focus. Manufacturing precious metal products with a fine touch of quality and durability, this company eludes the ordinary and binds innovation with expertise in its offerings.

Written by Mark Smith

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