San Juan’s Innovative Energy Tech Companies Shaping Puerto Rico’s Future

Welcome to the bustling city of San Juan, Puerto Rico – a hub for some of the brightest minds and game-changing companies in the Energy industry. Within this city, there are companies that are making a remarkable impact in sectors such as renewable energy, oil and gas, and telecommunications. This article aims to highlight a selection of these influential businesses, providing a glimpse into their operations and contributions to their respective sectors.

Despite the small size of Puerto Rico, its capital city, San Juan, houses some of the most dynamic companies operating in the energy sector. These companies are not only notable for their output but also for the innovative solutions they offer, proving that size does not limit ingenuity or the drive for a sustainable future.

Be it manufacturing and distributing gas products or developing sustainable energy solutions, these companies are constantly challenging the status quo and giving San Juan a strong foothold in the ever-evolving energy sector. Now, let’s delve into the operations of these exciting companies.

Bermudez, Longo, Diaz-Masso

Bermudez, Longo, Diaz-Masso is a company operating in the construction, energy, and telecommunications sectors. It also has a strong focus on renewable energy sources. Facebook, LinkedIn


Publicly owned, PREPA, is a key player in the government sector focusing on energy and water. The company plays a pivotal role in Puerto Rico’s energy and water regulation. Facebook, LinkedIn

Forbes Energy

Forbes Energy, founded by Lucien Edward Forbes. This company has made its mark in the energy sector, specifically dealing with oil and gas. Facebook, LinkedIn


DexGrid operates in the energy sector, providing innovative solutions for electricity management and supply. Their service allows consumers to purchase electricity from distributed sources of prosumers ensuring clean and stable electricity at competitive prices. LinkedIn

Empire Gas

Empire Gas is a leader in the energy, manufacturing, natural resources, oil and gas sectors. They play a crucial role in the gas product manufacturing and distribution market. Facebook

Luszol LLC

Luszol LLC shares monumental contributions to the energy, information technology, renewable energy, and telecommunications industries. Their innovative solutions have played an important role in enhancing Puerto Rico’s energy sector. Facebook

Pedro Panzardi and Associates

Founded by Pedro J Panzardi, this company operates in the fields of energy management, environmental consulting, and sustainability. With a variety of services on offer, Pedro Panzardi and Associates are making considerable strides in improving the energy sector. Facebook, LinkedIn

San Juan is not just a picturesque city with a rich history but is also a city of innovation and future-forward energy companies. It proudly hosts organizations that are pushing boundaries, revolutionizing their sectors, and showcasing Puerto Rico’s dynamism and potential in the global energy industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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