San Diego Solar Tech Innovators Shaping California’s Sustainable Future


San Diego, California, the bright southern city known for its pristine beaches and parks, is taking a lead in the solar industry. Giving a whole new meaning to ‘the sunny state’, San Diego is home to a plethora of companies striving to harness the sun’s energy and transform it into renewable and clean power. This article will explore some of the trailblazers in the solar industry who have chosen to base their operations in this vibrant city.

Given its sunny climate and progressive political directives, it’s no wonder that San Diego has become a hub for solar power. The city ranks 2nd in the U.S. for solar energy capacity and has a commitment to using 100% renewable energy sources by 2045. The companies highlighted here are operating at the forefront of this solar revolution, adopting innovative technologies and striving to shape a sustainable future.

In this series of features, we will delve into the bios of these companies, exploring their founders, operations, and contributions to the solar industry. Pioneers in their own right, their work is influencing future trends in clean energy, biotechnology, robotics and more.

Sapphire Energy

Founders James Levine, Jason Pyle, Kristina Burow, and Nathaniel David have created a unique venture into the field of Green Crude – a renewable form of petroleum made from photosynthetic microorganisms. Operating independently from valuable farmland and potable water, Sapphire Energy aims to transform America’s energy landscape for the better. Lauded for its low carbon, renewable and scalable products, they are setting strong precedents for future biofuel sources.

Ocean Aero

Founded by Kenneth Childress, Ocean Aero is an autonomous underwater and surface vehicle (AUSV) powered by wind and solar energy. The company has developed useful and efficient wind/electric vessels capable of months at sea, pushing the boundaries of previous USV platforms. Ocean Aero’s mission is to continue an aggressive IP technology approach, firmly securing the company’s place at the forefront of marine solar energy.

Beam Global

Founded by Desmond Wheatley and Jay S Potter, Beam Global is a CleanTech company at the forefront of creating unique and advanced renewably energized products. With innovative solutions for electric vehicle charging and energy security, they offer practical applications for their patented technologies, including the EV ARC™ and Solar Tree® lines that showcase innovative solar tracking.

OneRoof Energy

Alan Whiting’s OneRoof Energy is a technology-rich solar finance provider that’s emerging as one of the nation’s leading sources of affordable solar leasing. Through the SolarSelect® financing program, homeowners can easily transition to clean, affordable solar electricity, marking a significant shift in the residential energy industry.

Pathway Power

Pathway Power is making strides in the solar and battery storage industry, collaborating with local governments to create high-quality renewable energy projects. From conception to execution, Pathway Power is committed to building a renewable energy value chain and advancing the development of utility-scale solar projects.

Baylor Solar Energy

Baylor Solar Energy is a solar solutions company servicing both residential and commercial markets in San Diego. Providing an integral service within the local community, Baylor Solar Energy is dedicated to providing practical solar solutions and assisting in San Diego’s sustainable energy revolution.

Pacific Integrated Energy

Founded by David Andresen, David Saltman, Mark Juergensen and Phil Layton, Pacific Integrated Energy is a pioneering company in the field of solar energy. As a leading plasmonic technology company, they are creating significant advancements in solar products and sensor technologies for the renewable energy sector.

Semper Solaris

Founded by John Almond and Kelly Shawhan, Semper Solaris is California’s local solar panel installation contractor and residential roofing contractor. A SunPower Elite solar power company, they are dedicated to providing the best solar panels on the market and boasting of locally sourced and veteran owned roots.

EDF Renewable Energy

EDF Renewable Energy, founded by Bryan Villano, is a leading independent power producer. The company has over 25 years of expertise in project development, operations and maintenance services, making it a prominent force in the renewable energy industry.

SOLV Energy

SOLV Energy is making significant strides in solar energy with its industry-leading construction, energy, and renewable energy solutions. By offering advanced and innovative solutions, SOLV Energy is making a significant contribution to San Diego’s clean energy sector.

HDM Capital

Founded by Dustin Dunaway and Jeffrey Hawkinson, HDM Capital combines solar energy solutions with financial services, creating unique funding opportunities within the solar industry.


Written by Mark Smith

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