San Antonio’s Pioneering Companies Revolutionizing the Machine Learning Industry


San Antonio, a city with a rich history in the heart of Texas, is not commonly known as a technology hotspot. However, it is quickly becoming a hub for burgeoning technology companies, particularly in the Machine Learning industry. These companies are pushing boundaries, innovating and cultivating growth as they bring new opportunities to the city and the tech scene.

One of the unique aspects contributing to San Antonio’s burgeon tech community is its geostrategical location. It offers specialized sectors and provides a friendly environment for tech start-ups. The cost of living, access to talent, logistic connectivity with major Texas cities, and strong local support to emerging industries, offer many opportunities.

In this article, we introduce you to some of San Antonio’s leading machine learning companies that are making waves in the technology industry. Through their innovative work, these companies are shaping the future in areas ranging from health care and customer service to event planning and e-learning.


Irys, founded by Alberto Gomez, Beto Altamirano, and Eduardo Bravo, is a leading company in the space of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Irysoffers AI-driven tools that facilitate real-time visibility and data analytics for urban stakeholders, improving collaboration with the target audience, thus creating improved services and neighborhoods. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


HelpSocial, co-founded by Matt Wilbanks and Robert Collazo, is a company aimed at integrating digital communication channels, including social media and messaging apps, into customer service centers. They have developed a functionality that allows an AI bot to remember customers and understand their comments’ context considerably reducing training time. They are also reachable through Facebook, LinkedIn and their Twitter handle.


GaitIQ, founded by Rick Morris, aims to create an affordable, accessible, and easy-to-use application for Alzheimer’s screening in primary health care. They have developed a machine vision and AI-based software that measures subtle changes in gait associated with future dementia. They are active on LinkedIn.


Pathwire assists companies globally in solving complex communication problems. Their cloud-native infrastructure, machine learning solutions, and local expertise aid companies in enhancing customer engagement and building connected experiences. Connect with them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.


Quickpath, launched by Alex Fly and Trent McDaniel, develops machine learning and advanced analytic services to support organizations in making intelligent, quick decisions. It provides order-of-magnitude scaling in operationalizing and monetizing data science to drive bottom-line growth. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Frontline Systems

Frontline Systems, led by founder Daniel Fylstra, is a specialist in analytics, big data, machine learning, mining, and software solutions. Stay connected with them via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Chris Tollinger and Matthew J Carter, Flyer is an event discovery, recommendation, and curation platform. It uses machine learning to recommend events based on user’s tastes, favorite venues, and social network. Stay connected with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Sage Hero

Sage Hero uses machine learning to deliver IT training with Real-Time guidance from a Virtual Trainer. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates.

Written by Mark Smith

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