Riyadh’s Pioneering Environmental Engineering Firms Transforming Saudi Arabia’s Urban Landscape

Today, we are diving deep into the domain of environmental engineering in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Environmental engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with protecting people from harmful environmental findings, improving environmental quality and solving environmental issues. Riyadh, being one of the largest cities in the world, plays host to a variety of companies excelling in this beneficial arena. Let’s explore a few of the esteemed corporations that have made their mark in this industry.

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, has been a major hub of advancement and innovation in the environmental engineering industry. These companies specialize in an array of environmental disciplines, offering solutions that curtail pollution, promote sustainable living and contribute to social welfare. Here are some of the organizations that have established themselves as beacons of environmental betterment in Riyadh.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with these pioneers of environmental engineering that call Riyadh their home. Get to know their origins, their journey, and the ways they are bringing about change and fostering sustainable communities. Herein, each company name will direct you to their official website, providing a pathway into their worlds:


This full-fledged environmental engineering company was founded by Abdulaziz Al-houti, AbdulRahman Dammak, and Mohammed Qahwaji. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide insights into their most recent advancements and updates.


MASCO operates in the civil engineering, construction, energy, and environmental engineering industry, taking significant strides in eco-friendly construction. They can be followed on LinkedIn and @TwitMasco on Twitter.

AES Arabia

Providing services in environmental engineering, waste management and water purification, AES Arabia fosters a sustainable future. Keep up with their developments on Facebook, @aesarabialtd on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

National Company for Mechanical Systems

A pioneer in environmental, industrial, and mechanical engineering, this company also provides manufacturing solutions. The company offers total technical and management support from product design to production. Their updates are available on LinkedIn.

Future Horizons Investment

This multifaceted firm operates in numerous sectors including consulting, environmental engineering, finance, information technology, and telecommunications. They also serve the construction and production industries. Check their updates on LinkedIn.

Technical Development Solutions

TDS offers comprehensive consulting and technical solutions in water, mining, and engineering industry. Follow their journey on Facebook, @TechnicalDevel1 on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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