Revolutionizing Waste: Moscow’s Leading Innovators in Recycling Technology

As we raise the curtains on the twenty-first century, the enormous and imperative role of recycling in combating environmental degradation is increasingly garnering attention. Simultaneously, the city of Moscow, Russia, known for its rich history, sophisticated architectural beauties, and towering skyscrapers is also becoming a hub for companies operating in the recycling industry. This context merits a closer look at some of these companies, their missions, and how they are making a difference in the recycling industry.

It’s fascinating to observe that these companies vary in their core functions, ranging from waste management to converting waste into energy, thus diversifying the utilization of resources. This not only creates a wider scope for recycling but also promotes sustainability. They aim to make environmental practices more efficient and effective. And, they’re doing it from right here in Moscow City, the capital of the Russian Federation.

Let’s delve into the specifics of some of these companies which are silently, yet significantly transforming the recycling industry.


Founded by Alexey Khatskevich, Nikita Nikishkin, and Sergey Kalitov, Ubirator is a Moscow based waste management service committed to conscientious business practices. Their objective centers on redefining waste management in a responsible manner, integrating sustainability into the core of everyday business.


Offering practical solutions to the problem of waste, Sborbox is another Moscow-based venture co-founded by Andrey Sychev and Dmitry Mednikov. The company works on making the process of garbage handling more comfortable and effective, making a silent yet significant contribution to keeping the city clean.


Conceptualized by Alex Nikolaenko, Masteriya is a unique entity functioning as a digital technology company for aftermarket repair and second-hand recycling of consumer electronics/appliances within the CIS region. The pioneering services of Masteriya are reflected in its name, which stands for “Serviceman/Contractor and I” in Russian.

Binology LLC

With its headquarters in Moscow, Binology LLC, led by Andrey Malay, is a game-changer in the field of recycling and waste management. As a developer and producer of automated, solar-powered smart bins, the company is at the forefront of sustainable urban waste management. Integrated digital tools enable up to 75% cost reduction in waste collection processes, among numerous other environmental benefits.


Proshop operates within the distribution of vertical balers and other types of equipment for waste sorting and recycling. This company’s efforts include equipping various enterprises with a wide array of technological equipment for waste management, contributing significantly to the recycling industry.


Based in Moscow, Ecosilico, led by Stanislav Evlashin, is a startup that develops innovative technologies for the recycling industry. The company’s technology aims at recycling silicon from end-of-life PV panels with a 100% recovery rate, ushering in the era of SMART recycling.

Moscow Institute for Development

The Moscow Institute for Development is an R&D platform focusing on CleanTech and Energy transition fields. Their innovative technology, HYDROGASER, recycles organic substances with methane or hydrogen extraction, marking a significant advance in the energy recycling field.

Written by Mark Smith

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