Revolutionizing Waste Management: Innovative Parisian Companies Leading Eco-Friendly Initiatives

In the heart of Paris, the city of lights, romance, and innovation, a number of companies are manufacturing robust solutions to manage the increasing waste production. Their headquarters nestled in Paris, Ile-de-France, work constantly to create a sustainable and greener world. These trailblazing companies have fervently embraced their roles in environmental consulting, waste management, and in some cases, software and hardware collaboration for waste reduction efforts. Let us delve into more detail about these innovators and their role in changing the waste management industry.

They are armed with a diverse range of strategies and tools to deal with waste, whether it is through the shift towards a circular economy, the creation of high-quality compost from food waste, the promotion of a fully transparent supply chain, or advanced environmental consulting and waste management techniques. They focus on multiple industry sectors ranging from B2B, Consumer Electronics, Clean Energy, and CleanTech to Environmental consulting, Pollution Control, Sustainability, and Waste Management. Their commitment is to provide expert solutions for industries and individuals alike, utilizing the most effective strategies and technologies.

These companies are pioneering a new era in the waste management industry. Coupled with the global recognition of Paris as not only a city of culture and music but also of innovation and technology, these companies have claimed Paris, Ile-de-France as their innovation hub. Now, let’s deeper into their unique missions and offerings so we can appreciate better this unique wealth of resources engaged in fulfilling a better, sustainable future.


As an Environmental consulting organization, PHENIX is founded by Baptiste Corval and Jean Moreau. They contribute to the reduction of waste and promote the shift towards a circular economy, enlivening the potential of waste management. Find them on Twitter, on Facebook or LinkedIn.


From an industry based on Hardware, Software, and Software engineering, Tradim focuses on providing services for waste management hardware and integrated software.


Dipli, under the guidance of its founders Reynold Simonnet and Tanguy Pennel, offers a comprehensive approach to dealing with returns, closeouts, trade-in devices, end-of-lease stocks, or waste as part of their services. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Established in 2019, Unico is committed to promoting and enhancing waste collection to reduce waste production. Follow Unico on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Moulinot Compost & Biogaz

Founded by Stephan Martinez, Moulinot Compost & Biogaz creates high-quality compost and energy from food waste. Get to know them more on their LinkedIn page.

SUEZ Environnement

Created by Bertrand Camus in 2008, SUEZ Environnement is a utility company offering a diverse spectrum of services from water management, recycling, and urban development. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

ORS International

Renowned in the waste management industry, ORS International, co-founded by Alain Mihelic and Zahi Kattar, provides integrated drilling fluids and waste management services.

Veolia Environmental Solutions

Operating widely in Australia and New Zealand, Veolia Environmental Solutions offers environmental solutions that focus on waste, water, and energy management. Join their networks on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

PUR Projet

PUR Projet bridges the gap between conservation, ecosystem restoration, and company management. They can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Inex Circular

Established in 2014, Inex Circular pioneered an industrial waste exchange platform to promote the circular economy on the ground. Join their reaches on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Urbyn, co-founded by Julien Hamilius, operates in the realms of CleanTech, SaaS, and Waste Management. You can follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

These companies with their innovations contribute significantly to waste management, pushing the bounds of inventiveness and resourcefulness in compliments to a sustainable world. Paris, Ile-de-France is the heart of this resilience, nurturing companies with ideals and determination to make a difference. To learn more about their endeavours, follow the links and stay posted on their progress.

Written by Mark Smith

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