Revolutionizing Mining Technology: Pioneering Companies in Accra’s Resource Sector


The mining industry, a primary driver of economic growth, is experiencing a technological revolution. Companies operating in this sector are not only taking the advantage of technology to ameliorate their production but also use it to solve industry-specific problems. Today, we focus on the city of Accra, Ghana’s beating heart, where tech-oriented mining companies have made their base, drastically influencing the region’s economic landscape.

From companies specialising in mining technology to those on the cutting edge of construction and engineering, these organisations are leading the transformation of an industry vital to the global economy. By leveraging advanced technology, they aim to improve efficiency, safety and sustainability within the mining sector.

Here’s a spotlight on several companies that you need to watch out for due to their meaningful contributions to the mining industry:

Asante Gold Corporation

Founded by Douglas MacQuarrie, The Asante Gold Corporation is a dedicated gold exploration, development, and operating company whose focus is on developing high-margin gold projects including the Bibiani and Kubi Gold development projects located on the prolific Bibiani and Ashanti Gold Belts.

Rabotec Group of Companies

The Rabotec Group is a multifaceted entity with expertise in Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Mining, and Consulting. Their ability to integrate and streamline their operations is what keeps them at the front edge of industrial developments.


Officially established in 2020, AEMG LTD stands out with its unique combination of contemporary mineral exploration strategies with state-of-the-art technology to identify high-value mineral-rich targets and implement efficient mining techniques.

PW Mining

Brainchild of Tony Harte, PW Mining provides contract mining, civil engineering and construction services. The company offers comprehensive earth moving, open-cast mining and infrastructure services.

MineX 360

As a specialist provider of mining technical services, MineX 360 is a solid innovator in IT infrastructure and cybersecurity for the mining industry. It offers end-to-end solutions ranging from mining equipment hardware installation to 24/7 onsite technical support and event monitoring.

DreamBridge Ltd

DreamBridge Ltd plays a crucial role in the R&D and early-stage startup investments within the Mining Tech sector.


Kadi, founded by Paul-Miki Akpablie and Sagar Nilesh Shah, is a Fintech solution provider focusing on the mining, construction, and oil & gas sectors. It enables informal logistics providers to earn more, get paid quickly, and grow their business.


GeoVerde, an initiative by Festus Anane, provides consulting and support services to mining, construction, and water and sanitation sectors.

Written by Mark Smith

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