Revolutionizing London: Sustainable Alliances of Recycling Tech Giants Unearthed

In recent years, the global conversation around sustainability, recycling, and waste management has been brought to the forefront, making the efforts of companies operating in these arenas ever more pertinent. Particularly in the city of London, booming with innovative companies and start-ups, we have witnessed a rise in environmentally focused businesses striving to combat various sustainability challenges. In this series, we will introduce and highlight a selection of these London-based companies making waves in the Recycling industry.

Through technological innovations and creative solutions, these companies are not only revolutionising the ways in which we manage and perceive waste but are also working towards creating a brighter, cleaner future for us all. From developing Artificial Intelligence-based waste recognition software to transforming previously unrecyclable plastic waste into valuable resources, these companies are fundamentally reshaping the industry.

Let’s explore some of the trailblazers headquartered in London in the arena of recycling and waste management.


Beryl, operating in the automotive, hardware, and recycling industries, is a company that aims to revolutionise the world of transportation by promoting the use of bikes in cities. Founded by Emily Brooke and Philip Ellis, Beryl sells its micromobility operating system to leading transport operators and operates its own fleet of bikes. Spearheaded by an in-house designed IoT-based system, Beryl is adept at tailoring its offerings to suit the needs of cities, with contracts in 6 UK cities and an exclusive contract for New York. With its innovative cycling products, in particular the Laserlight safety innovation, Beryl is the only micromobility company that is a certified BCorp. (Twitter) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Plastic Energy

Plastic Energy, a London-based company in the field of Recycling and Waste Management, focuses on transforming previously unrecyclable plastic waste into a valuable resource. Founded by Carlos Monreal, the company offers a sustainable global solution to prevent plastic pollution. (Twitter) (LinkedIn)

Worn Again Technologies

Worn Again Technologies, co-founded by Cyndi Rhoades, is in the business of textile recycling. Their unique chemical textile-to-textile recycling technology breaks down and recaptures the raw materials in old clothing and textiles. This allows previously used materials to be reintroduced into the supply chain as new, paving the way for a potential revolution in recycling and sustainability in the textile industry. (Twitter) (LinkedIn)

Written by Mark Smith

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