Revolutionizing Green Energy: Grenoble’s Pioneering Firms Lead Sustainable Innovation

Renewable energy is the future of global energy production, and it is no surprise that the city of Grenoble in the Rhone-Alpes region of France is home to some of the most innovative companies in this field. Located in the heart of the Alps, Grenoble is a hub for innovation and research in energy, technology, and other sectors. With renowned universities, research centers and a vibrant startup culture, this city is a modern day Silicon Valley of the French Alps.

In this article, we are highlighting companies operating in the energy industry that are based in Grenoble. The companies described below are pioneering breakthrough technologies that offer transformative solutions in the use, management, and production of energy. These companies are playing a significant role in leading a paradigm shift towards a more efficient and sustainable energy model.

The Rhone-Alpes area in France has long been held as a technologically advanced region, rapidly progressing in industries ranging from electronics, technology, and energy. These innovations are reported and analysed in Bleeding Technology, with the intent of educating readers about the latest advancements in the energy sector and other industries.


ROSI, a company co-founded by Yun Luo, stands out in the renewable energy sector for developing innovative raw material recycling and revalorization technologies for the photovoltaic industry. These technologies allow for the recovery of ultra-pure silicon and other metals that are currently lost during photovoltaic cell manufacturing and at the end of the solar panel’s life cycle. Find more about ROSI on their Linkedin page and follow their updates on Twitter.

Lancey Energy Storage

Founded by Gilles Moreau and Raphaël Meyer, Lancey Energy Storage aims at democratizing energy storage in France. It combines a battery with an electric radiator, boosting energy transition. Check out their Facebook and Linkedin page for more information and follow them on Twitter

BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells

BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells, a company founded by Jules Hammond, provides eco-friendly paper-based bio-enzymatic fuel cells for sustainable energy generation. They aim to revolutionize power sources in disposable medical and wearable medical devices, thereby reducing negative environmental impacts. Check out their Facebook and Linkedin page for more information.


Founded by Guillaume Leti and Ramzi Laieb, carbonABLE is a unique company leveraging DeFi to fight climate change by fostering the idea of rewilding Planet Earth. Their innovative nature-backed NFTs enable decarbonization projects while providing financial rewards for contributors


Under the leadership of Jérôme Delamare, Enerbee has developed energy harvesters that replace batteries in consumer and industrial smart devices with the power generated by motion. This sustainable solution can essentially eliminate the need for approximately 30 billion coin cell batteries sold annually worldwide. Check out their Facebook and Linkedin page for more information and follow them on Twitter


Founded by Xavier Pain, Gulplug is transforming the era of electrical connections with smart plugs that are not only magnetic but water-resistant. Gulplug products optimize safety, efficiency, and convenience across various industries, and thus creating new possibilities for electrical connections. Check out their Facebook and Linkedin page for more information and follow them on Twitter

Save Innovations

Save Innovations specializes in the development and marketing of low-voltage power supply solutions recovering energy from slow-fluids – predominately water. You can learn more about their innovative work by visiting their Linkedin page.


Co-founded by Bertrand Chateau and Bruno Lapillonne, Enerdata is a powerhouse in energy consulting services. For more details, check out their Linkedin and Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.


GEG is recognized for their expertise in electrical distribution and energy management rooted from their dedication to renewable energy development. Keep yourself updated with their progress via their Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter page.


Co-founded by Caroline Rozain and Nicolas Bardi, Sylfen supports energy projects providing diagnosis and integration in the local ecosystem. Updates on Sylfen’s projects can be seen on their Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Compagnie de Chauffage

Compagnie de Chauffage is dedicated to strengthening the renewable energy sector. For more updates, check out their Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Written by Mark Smith

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