Revolutionizing Energy: Spotlight on Mapo, Seoul’s Innovative Power Companies


The thriving energy sector in Seoul is evident not just in the city’s futuristic skyline, but also in the diversity of companies operating in this industry. Mapo, a district known for its vibrant arts scene, is also home to some of Korea’s leading, sustainable and environment-friendly energy companies. Let’s zoom into this energetic, green and rapidly evolving district to learn more about the breadth of companies operating in Mapo’s energy sector.

These companies are prominently located in Mapo, and most have global reach. From innovating in renewable energy systems to developing green technologies to fuel the world, these enterprises are industry leaders who drive forward Korea’s influence in the global energy sector.

The following feature provides a brief overview of these remarkable companies, listed in no particular order, who are making waves in the civil engineering, renewable energy, cleantech, fuel, software, and industrial engineering industries.

Hyosung Heavy Industries

Hyosung Heavy Industries is deeply involved in the civil engineering, construction and renewable energy sectors. This company has carved a skyward-sweeping trajectory with their innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

SK energy

SK energy is a renewable energy company that produces petroleum products. Founded in 1962, this company is a seasoned player in the industry.

Daesung Group

Renewable energy is at the heart of what the Daesung Group does. With incredible vision and unwavering dedication to energy innovation, this company has been a reliable source in the renewable energy sector.

KC Cottrell

KC Cottrell is a developer of green technology in the global environment and energy sector. This company, available at LinkedIn, offers a whole range of services from R&D to construction and follow-up management.

Energy Transition Korea

Energy Transition Korea addresses energy issues of national and global importance resulting in crucial advancements in energy technologies.


Specializing in eBooks, energy management, and software, HODI is embracing the future of energy distribution and management.

d2 Engineering

d2 Engineering, providing solutions in industrial engineering and railroads, is at the forefront of the energy, specifically through their powerful solutions in the rail industry.

Seobu T&D

Working in the energy, industrial, and oil and gas industries, Seobu T&D has shown formidable strategies to manage and distribute energy.

Glory & Tech

Glory & Tech specializes in installing and managing both water supply facilities and renewable energy systems, they are a multi-talented company with a sustainability first perspective.


Written by Mark Smith

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