Revolutionizing Energy: Spotlight on Abidjan-Based Companies in Côte d’Ivoire

Abidjan, Lagunes, Côte d’Ivoire is home to a vibrant energy industry, serving as the headquarters for numerous companies specializing in renewable energy, gas exploration, energy management, and more. This sector is foundational for the country’s economic growth and puts the city on the map as a hub for energy innovation. The companies based there come in varying sizes and focus on diverse areas of the energy industry, yet each one contributes significantly to the landscape of clean, renewable, and conventional energy.

Advancements in technology and recognition of pressing environmental concerns have fueled a rapid growth in the renewable energy industry. Many companies are also looking to fuel alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Meanwhile, traditional energy companies continue to explore and produce oil and gas, remaining a significant part of Côte d’Ivoire’s economy. This intriguing mix of traditional and modern, conventional and innovative, provides a fascinating look into the energy industry in the city.

This article focuses on energy companies based in the city, illustrating the diversity and innovation found in Abidjan’s rapidly evolving energy sector. We have also included relevant links for those interested in learning more about each organization. Let’s dive in and explore these intriguing companies.

Azito Energie

Azito Energie operates a thermal power plant in Ivory Coast. As a subsidiary of Globelec and IPS WA, Azito’s gas-fired plant makes use of the country’s natural gas resources. This contributes to energy independence and helps Côte d’Ivoire become a crucial electricity supplier to other regions of West Africa. (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Foxtrot International

Foxtrot International is an industrial company involved in the energy sector. They are specialists in the exploration and production of gas, oil, and relevant by-products. Foxtrot International has been working in the Gulf of Guinea for more than a decade and is now the Ivory Coast’s leading partner in operating hydrocarbon fields in Block CI-27. (LinkedIn)

Petro Ivoire SA

Petro Ivoire SA specializes in distributing petroleum products and operating gas stations. They serve individuals, professionals, maritime transport, air transport, and industries. The company operates through 25 service stations located in Ivory Coast. (Facebook)


UEM, which hasn’t divulged extensive information about its operations, belongs to the energy industry and is based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. (LinkedIn)


Ademat leads in distributing, installing, and maintaining power security solutions in Côte d’Ivoire. The company offers generators, inverters, drive systems, and other electrical equipment in association with renowned manufacturers across the globe. (Twitter)

Compagnie Ivoirienne D’Electricite SA

Compagnie Ivoirienne D’Electricite SA is a private operator in charge of electricity supplies in Côte d’Ivoire since 1990. The company has a government concession agreement and is responsible for energy marketing across the national territory and the sub-region. (Twitter) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Snedai Group

Snedai Group is another vital player in the energy industry. The group doubles down its operations in the information technology and real estate sectors. (Twitter) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Lifi-Led Ivory Coast

Lifi-Led Ivory Coast operates in the energy industry and is also engaged in information technology and renewable energy. (Twitter) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Digital Smart Trash

Digital Smart Trash is a revolutionary company in the environmental engineering industry that’s committed to renewable energy. This company is making waves by integrating technology into waste management. (Twitter) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)

Total Cote d’Ivoire SA

Total Cote d’Ivoire SA is a significant player in the energy industry and is also engaged in industrial services and oil production. (Twitter) (LinkedIn)

Written by Mark Smith

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