Revolutionizing Energy: Innovations from Bethesda’s Leading Technology Companies

Welcome to this installment of our Futurology series, dedicated to the innovative trailblazers of the energy industry. Positioned just outside of Washington D.C, Bethesda, Maryland serves as the energetic epicenter for several forward-thinking companies pushing the envelope in clean and renewable technologies. Our list comprises of companies spanning from renewable energy sectors such as solar, biomass, and nuclear to those merging energy with software analytics, real estate, and healthcare, manifesting the evolution of our ever-changing energy landscape.

These industry leaders are pioneering change by integrating technology, analytics and environmentally friendly practices into the energy sector. Let’s explore these companies and how they play a substantial role in the critical transition towards sustainable and renewable sources of power. Bethesda, with its rich reserve of skilled and creative pioneers, is significantly contributing to America’s push for clean and renewable energy solutions, not only revolutionizing the industry but also setting new standards for the global community.

Here is a recap of a few of the companies at the forefront of this sustainable energy revolution, each marking their unique signature within the energy world.

TerraForm Global

A spinoff of SunEdison, TerraForm Global labors to maintain and control contracted clean power generation assets in profitable, emerging markets. Known as a ‘yieldco,’ the company focuses on high-growth markets. Yet, information on their leadership remains somewhat elusive as specifics about their founding members are wanting.

Liatris, Inc

Liatris, Inc, co-founded by Arthur Yang and Frank Yang, encompasses both the buildings material and energy industries. While their exact area of focus remains unspecified on their website, Liatris has a presence on leading professional network LinkedIn.


Blending energy with healthcare, Eniware, led by Huma Malik, provides portable power-independent sterilization solutions for medical equipment. With an exclusive license to Noxilizer, Inc.’s sterilization technology, they provide services across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East besides supplying to military and disaster relief operations globally. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.


Enviva Partners is a master limited partnership that aggregates natural wood fiber and processes it, providing biomass energy solutions. Co-founded by John Keppler, the company has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


USEC Inc. is a global energy firm that provides enriched uranium fuel for commercial nuclear power plants. The company operates a gaseous diffusion plant in Kentucky, the only U.S.-owned uranium enrichment facility, to produce nuclear fuel used by nuclear power plants worldwide. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Aloft Hotels

Operating in the unique intersection of the hotel and energy industries, Aloft Hotels remains an energetic leader spotlighting sustainable practices in their business. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and information.

Green Generation

Finding a unique synthesis of energy, real estate, finance, and technology, Green Generation solutions deliver value through the implementation of building energy efficiency systems. Co-founded by Bradford Dockser, Debra Dockser, and Ric SanDoval, the company operates several businesses from offices in Washington DC, London, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Visit them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

TerraForm Energy

TerraForm Power creates value by owning and operating premium solar power portfolios across the globe. As the demand for renewable power increases, they are exploiting opportunities to expand their project portfolio. Follow them on LinkedIn for more information.

Centrus Energy

Providing fuel and services within the nuclear power industry, Centrus Energy is a key player in the supply of nuclear fuel. Stay updated and connected on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms.

AP Networks

AP Networks employs robust data-driven best practices and outcome prediction tools aimed at addressing potential risks within the energy department. Keep abreast of their latest developments and news on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Chaberton Energy

In the solar and renewable energy sectors, Chaberton Energy continues to make its mark. However, specifics about their operations and founders remain undisclosed. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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