Revolutionizing Cairo: Pioneering Solar Companies Shaping Egypt’s Renewable Future

Emerging as a leader in renewable energy, Egypt is currently home to multiple companies that are contributing to the global shift towards sustainable power generation. With an intensive focus on solar energy, these establishments are harnessing the abundant sunlight that blankets the country to provide reliable and affordable electricity. This roundup highlights high-performing companies headquartered in Cairo, innovating within the solar industry and contributing to a sustainable future in Egypt and beyond.

Recognized for their ingenuity and commitment to environmental responsibility, these companies offer a range of services within the solar industry. From energy consulting and financial services to industrial automation and software development, these establishments are leading Egypt toward a more sustainable future.

This article offers insights into the missions, foundations, and operations of these companies, shining a light on their contributions to renewable energy progress in Egypt. These companies have leveraged innovative technology, legislative supports, and impressive team expertise to position Egypt as a booming hub for solar energy.


Founded by Ahmed Zahran, Omar Hosny, and Tamer Essawy on October 23, 2011, KarmSolar provides a transdisciplinary utility platform designed to generate solar energy for different businesses and localities. Their unique development approaches have helped produce discrete systems that leverage solar energy to replace traditional, diesel-based processes. This has paved the way for affordable, dependable, and eco-friendly power production. Follow their developments on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @KarmSolar Twitter page.


Blending consultancy with the solar industry, Syn is revolutionising how businesses interact with renewable energy. They offer a variety of services including solar energy electricity sales, 360 insurance, an online marketplace for products and services, and an innovative mobile application process for project sign-ups. Learn more about their work on their LinkedIn page.

Al Nasr Solar

Specialising in solar and alternative energy solutions, Al Nasr Solar has made notable strides in establishing solar power stations and operating solar irrigation pumps. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more updates.


Founded by Yaseen Abdel-Ghaffar, Solarizegypt is pioneering advances in the solar industry. Follow their progress on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Green Light Egypt

With an inventive approach to street lighting, Green Light Egypt has developed a system that combines solar power and energy-saving technologies to reduce costs and increase the safety of Egyptian roads.

Dizaria energy

Integrating solar power with electric vehicles, Dizaria Energy offers charging stations powered by solar energy. They also provide a mobile application allowing users to find the nearest charging stations and monitor their charging status. Follow them on their Facebook page.

SCADA Innovations

SCADA Innovations, working across industrial automation, software engineering, and telecommunications, contributes significantly to the solar industry. Check out their progress on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Another major player in the solar industry is Infinity, a renewable energy company headquartered in Cairo. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Offering innovative and customised solar energy systems, Gaia is a pioneer in solar-based desalination solutions. Their main product is a stand-alone system capable of providing sufficient drinking water daily. Their business model is decidedly local, with plans for expansion in the Middle East. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Zon Solutions

Zon Solutions is another solar company to watch. Learn more about their developments and offerings by visiting their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Complete Energy Solutions

Operating within the oil and gas, as well as renewable energy sectors, Complete Energy Solutions offers an all-encompassing approach to energy provision. Keep up with their work on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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