Revolutionising Energy: Walnut Creek’s Pioneering Companies Leading the Sector

Walnut Creek, California serves as home to diverse array of energy companies which are pushing the boundaries and leading the innovation in the field. Be it renewable energy, analytics, IoT, or management software, these companies are at the forefront of energy revolution today. From small start-ups to mature organizations, Walnut Creek’s energy landscape spans a wide spectrum of visibility and specialization, unified by their commitment to evolving the energy use and its impact on the environment. This article is dedicated to highlighting some of the groundbreaking work being done by these companies.

We will explore 12 different companies within the energy industry all situated at the heart of Walnut Creek. As diverse as their specializations may be, they share common threads of innovation, sustainability, and clean energy solutions. These companies are transforming business models, developing cutting edge technologies, and creating solutions to address energy challenges of the future.

The list below will provide a brief overview of each company, including their founders, industry focus, and groundbreaking solutions for the energy industry, along with information on how to reach them. Let’s explore these trailblazers in the energy landscape based in Walnut Creek, California.


Founded by Abdhulrahman Bin Omar, Hall Chen, and Timothy Barat, Gridware is a promising company in the fields of Energy and Predictive Analytics. They have developed a comprehensive grid monitoring system that detects and predicts faults in power distribution grids, aiding utilities in reducing risk and expediting repairs. Learn more about them by visiting their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @Twitter pages.

GreenFire Energy

GreenFire Energy, founded by Alan Eastman, John Muir, Joseph Scherer, and Mark Muir, is making strides in the Clean Energy industry. Their advanced geothermal technology, known as GreenLoop™, brings heat from the earth’s depths for power generation. Connect with them on LinkedIn and via @Twitter.

Kleverness”>Carollo Engineers

In the industries of Construction, Consulting, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Waste Management, and Water Purification, Carollo Engineers is renowned for their dedication towards work. Visit them on their website, or on their Facebook, LinkedIn and @Twitter accounts.

Gas Transmission Systems, Inc. (GTS)

Gas Transmission Systems, Inc. (GTS) is widely recognized in the Energy industry for their commitment towards innovative solutions. Visit their LinkedIn page or their website to know more about them.

Global Energy Partners

Global Energy Partners, delivering services in Consulting, Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Environmental Engineering is known for their broad range of technical and consulting services. Explore more about them on their website.

Quick Mount PV

Quick Mount PV is dedicated towards Manufacturing and Renewable Energy. They specialize in designing reliable solar mounting and racking systems. Visit them on their website, or on their Facebook, LinkedIn and @Twitter accounts.

Tierra Resource Consultants

Tierra Resource Consultants is active in Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Environmental Consulting, and Renewable Energy. Get more information about them on their website, or on their LinkedIn and @Twitter accounts.

Honest Gorilla

Honest Gorilla, active in Consumer, Energy, Energy Management industries, provides a tech-enabled platform to help reduce annual energy expenses. Visit them on their website, or on their LinkedIn and @Twitter accounts.

Energy Informatics

Lastly, Energy Informatics, founded by Greg Tinfow and Jason Xiao, provides effective asset management for distributed energy resources. Visit them on their website or their LinkedIn page.

All these companies, with their innovative strategies and technology, are driving the change in energy industry. They validate the energy movement that Walnut Creek is becoming known for, and their collective success is likely to attract more such innovative companies to this region. Indeed, the future of energy sector is bright in Walnut Creek, California.

Written by Mark Smith

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