Revolutionary Waste Management Innovations from New York Enterprises


In the intersection of technology and sustainability, a group of companies from New York City are carving out a space to redefine waste management. Combining innovation, environmental consciousness, and sound business practices, these New York-based companies are scaling efforts in waste management, tackling the problem from various angles and utilizing an array of technologies. From leveraging data-driven platforms to turning waste into valuable resources, these companies showcase the multifaceted nature of modern waste management.

These organizations demonstrate how businesses can embrace greener practices without compromising profitability. More than just dealing with waste, their operations often entail added values like providing sustainable solutions, supporting local communities, and driving economic development. Interweaving technology, stakeholder engagement, and environmentally sound practices, they set an inspiring example for both industry peers and other sectors.

As we delve deeper into this feature, we hope you join us in exploring the fascinating world of these waste management companies and the incredible work they’re doing. By learning about their initiatives, we hope to highlight the role we all can play in reducing our impact and managing waste more effectively.

Recycle Track Systems

Recycle Track Systems (RTS) pioneers a unique blend of technology and high-touch services to revolutionize the way companies handle waste and recycling. The firm provides solutions both for on-demand pickup and full-scale waste management integration, thereby empowering companies with the necessary data to optimize their waste and recycling practices. Making waste disposal more comfortable, smarter, and more reliable is RTS’s primary objective. It is a certified B-Corporation, testifying to its environmental performance and transparency. Find out more about RTS on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages, or follow them on @RTSGreen.

GPB Capital Holdings

GPB Capital Holdings is an investment firm based in New York that focuses on acquiring income-producing, middle-market portfolio companies. It assists its portfolio company operators with strategic planning, managerial insight, and requisite capital to attain a new level of growth and profitability. Discover more about GPB Capital Holdings on their LinkedIn page.


Re-Nuble is an MWBE-certified agricultural technology company that leverages organic cycling science™ technology to transform unrecoverable vegetative food byproducts into sustainable technologies for soilless farming. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or @Re_Nuble.


CurbWaste develops a data-driven, clean-tech platform for the waste management industry, bringing automation, transparency, and sustainability from collection to disposal. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Earth Brands

Earth Brands is a next-generation sustainable product company that produces sustainable cups. They aim to replace conventional single-use plastic with 100% biodegradable and compostable substitutes. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or @earthbrandsco.


BinIt is a data-driven waste management company founded in 2019. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Fresh Bowl

Fresh Bowl is a tech-enabled food brand that launched the first zero-packaging waste option for on-the-go meals via sustainable vending machines. Check them out on LinkedIn.


YourLocal is a marketplace app aiming to reduce food waste by enabling food vendors to sell surplus inventory to local customers at discounted prices. They’re providing a win-win solution by combating food waste and saving money for its users. Visit them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or @yourlocal.


Nadeera is a social enterprise aiming to revolutionize waste management and recycling in the MENA region. Visit them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or @nadeeratech.

rePurpose Global

rePurpose Global is the world’s leading plastic action platform dedicated to reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature’s balance. They are making plastic a material that fuels the circular economy without damaging the environment. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or @rePurposeGlobal.

Somax Bioenergy

Somax Bioenergy uses organic waste to fuel sustainable development and resilient waste management. With its innovative Carbon Reduction Platform, it promotes industrial symbiosis and a circular economic model.


Written by Mark Smith

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