Revolutionary Energy Companies Thriving within Montreal’s Innovative Technological Landscape

In the heart of Quebec, the bustling city of Montreal stands as not only a commercial hub but a technological powerhouse in the field of energy. Home to a diverse range of companies, Montreal is spearheading innovation in sectors ranging from clean energy and renewable resources, to intelligent software solutions for energy efficiency. This article takes a closer look at some of the pioneering organizations operating in the energetic heart of Canada.

When discussing energy innovation, it’s impossible to overlook the role the city’s startups and growing businesses play in developing new technology, sustainable solutions, and energy-efficient systems. Hence, a dedicated series of articles are designed to highlight a few of these companies, striding forward in their respective industries.

Below are some of Montreal’s leading companies in the Energy industry that are making a difference to the industry, and ultimately to the environment and our future.


Founded by Frédéric Gaulin, Energere is a company known for its solutions that increase energy efficiency, reduce operating expenses, and decrease buildings’ carbon footprint. It also offers energy-efficient street lighting and infrastructure management technologies to cities and municipalities through its smart cities division. The company also has a significant social media presence on various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and @Energere_inc.


With its operations spanning a variety of industries like Automotive, Battery, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, Energy Storage, GreenTech, Renewable Energy, Sharing Economy, and Solar, KILOWATTPACK is clutching the reins of energy progression. They also maintain a social media presence through Facebook.

Marmott Energy

With Nathalie H. Tremblay as one of its founders, Marmott Energies offers geothermal energy systems for heating, cooling, and energy production. They mainly address their customers’ inquiries through online applications. Stay connected on Facebook and @MarmottEnergies.


A player in the Biomass Energy, Energy, Industrial, Professional Services, and Renewable Energy industries, Energir is making significant strides in energy innovation. Along with its website, this Montreal-based company also has a social media presence on Facebook, @Energir_, and LinkedIn.

Steam Energy Labs

Founded by Elad Wallach and Vitaly Rubinovich in 1976, Steam Energy Labs offers an intelligent thermostat designed to aid utilities in balancing the electricity grid for water heater management, enabling consumers to economically maintain their water heaters.


A team of electric utility companies, CEATI is centered around developing new technology. This organization also maintains an online presence on Facebook and @myceati.


Co-founded by Samuel Nadeau-Piuze, Maxen is a company committed to reducing the environmental footprint of buildings by enabling building managers to optimize their operations and energy management processes. Their technologies aim at harnessing building data for a transformative transition from a reactive management to a predictive management in real time. You can connect with them on Facebook, @MaxenTech, or LinkedIn.

Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors

Founded by Philippe Dunsky, Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors is a prominent company in CleanTech, Energy, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability domains. You can follow their initiatives on LinkedIn.


Operating in the Energy, Fuel, Oil and Gas industries, Bitumar also has a social media presence on LinkedIn.


Sistemalux, a company in the Electronics, Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy sectors, connects with its audience on LinkedIn.

DNE Resources

DNE Resources, a company working in Consulting, Energy, and Oil and Gas sectors, was founded by Steve Shoiry and Wayne Burke. They can be connected through their website,, or on Facebook, @DNEresources, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these Montreal-based companies are pioneering the way to a more sustainable and efficient energy future. With each company contributing their unique innovation and expertise, it’s fair to say, the future of energy is undoubtedly bright in Montreal.

Written by Mark Smith

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