Revolutionary Eindhoven Firms Pioneering Global Machine Learning Innovations

Machine learning continues to grow exponentially in our tech-heavy world. Its widespread application has captured the attention of many businesses, who view this technology as a way to optimize processes, increase efficiency, and drive innovation. In this series, we bring our attention to the city of Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands – an emerging hub for machine learning and artificial intelligence development. Here, several companies are making waves with their groundbreaking tools and applications. Let’s shed light on these companies that are thrusting their city and country into the global spotlight.

Eindhoven, a city well-known for its engineering and technology prowess, hosts this diverse group of startups and established companies. These companies are leveraging machine learning in a variety of sectors, from hardware and software to healthcare and agriculture. They are pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of what machine learning can achieve, and the companies we’ll explore in this article are just a few examples of this initiative.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the companies operating in the machine learning industry in Eindhoven. Please note that the list is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to explore further to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the machine learning scene in this city.

Axelera AI

Axelera AI is a frontrunner in the AI chip manufacturer industry, creating state-of-the-art AI hardware and software platforms for edge computing. The company aims to produce the world’s most efficient and advanced solutions for AI at the edge. Learn more about Axelera AI on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. navigates through the domains of 3D technology, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. Having been pioneered by Erik Van Breusegem and Marco Van Herpen, this yet mysterious company shapes the future of machine learning.


Dynamic and multifaceted, Labelfuse pioneers early-detection-warnings for public spaces and events, detects illegal drones, tracks social distancing, and human behavior, and more. You can follow Labelfuse’s activities on their LinkedIn page.


YaDo-VR BV captures reality through automated LIDAR data processing, Artificial Intelligence, and their patented fully automated Detection and Deep Learning Classification. Dive into their world on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

ViNotion B.V.

ViNotion B.V. leads in intelligent image interpretation in videos, with a focus on people and objects. Its technology can be used for crowd or traffic counting and other complex solutions. Explore further on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Scailable offers a remarkable management platform that creates plug-and-play edge AI solutions using its artificial intelligence deployment technology.

AI in Motion | AIIM

Developing AI solutions ranging from mining to logistics, AI in Motion | AIIM sets a high bar in the industry to meet customer expectations in a fast-paced world. Follow AIIM on LinkedIn page.


KISSPlatform facilitates innovators in transferring their ideas into the world with its ai-based patent and company search tools.


Jumpstart Edge AI and realize practical business values with the B2B Edge AI software technology supplier- PowerBrainShop. Check out their activities on Facebook and



Aspect Neuroprofiles

Aspect Neuroprofiles utilizes EEG combined with Artificial Intelligence, aiming to objectively measure and monitor the physiological processes in the brain associated with ASD, improving the diagnosis and treatment effectiveness.


Fullcircle aims to change the human-technology dynamic by combining data science and software development. They specialize in building data products that enable fully automated execution of routine tasks, anomaly detection, forecasting, and planning. Their story continues on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Mark Smith

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