Revitalising Cairo: Unveiling Pioneering Electric Vehicle Enterprises in Egypt

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is not only a historical hub but has also been rapidly evolving as an essential player in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. As the need for sustainable transportation grows worldwide, several groundbreaking companies in Cairo are paving the way for electric mobility. They are creating innovative solutions in various sectors ranging from micro-mobility to marine technology to the service industry. Now, let's shed some light on some of these influential and enterprising companies making strides in the EV industry.

These pioneering companies are not only spearheading electric mobility in Egypt but are also resolution providers for the modern world's contemporary environmental challenges. All these companies have a singular objective to offer sustainable, eco-friendly, and economical solutions in their respective sectors. Let's understand how each of these organizations contribute their share in making Egypt and the world a greener place.

Today, we will cover companies including Rabbit, Seavo, Vesstoss, Dizaria Energy, Electrified, HURRY, and Egypt Power. Each of these organizations is unique in its ways and contributes significantly to the EV industry's landscape.


Rabbit, founded by Bassem Magued, Kamal ElSoueni, and Mohamed Mansoury, operates at the intersection of Electric Vehicle, Information Technology, and Transportation industries. Rabbit is a micro-mobility sharing platform offering short-distance commutes using environmentally friendly vehicles like standing electric scooters and electric bikes. Offering distinctive features like a QR code to unlock the scooter, a kickstart, and an accelerator, Rabbit is not just a transportation company but a smart solution for modern urban mobility.

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Aly Mohamed founded Seavo, a company operating in Electric Vehicle, Manufacturing, and Marine Technology industries. SEAVO is the premier designer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly watercraft. With a vision of electrifying water mobility, SEAVO aims to replace conventional fossil fuel marine vehicles with electric-powered ones. The main goal is to reduce greenhouse emissions and the detrimental impact on marine life.

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Bemen Wagdy and Mohamed H. Mohi El-Dien are the co-founders of Vesstoss, an exciting startup in the Electric Vehicle, Energy Efficiency, Public Transportation, and Ride Sharing sectors. Vesstoss Provides on-demand electric scooter Ride-Sharing service in Cairo’s gated communities. The company presents an energy-efficient, public transport solution to 'closed communities' in Egypt.

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Dizaria energy

Dizaria Energy operates in the Electric Vehicle, Mobile Apps, Service Industry, Software, and Solar sectors. They offer Electric Vehicle Charging Stations powered by Solar Energy. Their mobile application integrates services for Electric Vehicle Owners to find the nearest Charging Station location, monitor and control their charging status, and pay online.

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Electrified is a content-driven community that encapsulates the Automotive, Content, Electric Vehicle, and Information Technology industries. The company's objective is to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility and change consumer behavior accordingly, manifesting a significant transformation in the traditional transportation market.

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Co-founded by alaa elsawy and Safey eldin Ayman, HURRY operates in Car Sharing, Electric Vehicle, Mobile Apps, and Transportation industries. HURRY is an innovative and environment-friendly car-sharing service provider through a fleet of gas and electric vehicles which is more affordable and reliable than traditional car-hailing services.

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Egypt Power

As a multi-industry player in the Automotive, Electric Vehicle, Industrial Manufacturing, and Marine Technology sectors, Egypt Power has a wide range of offerings, contributing significantly to the electric vehicle landscape in Egypt and beyond.

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Written by Mark Smith

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