Renewable Energy Pioneers: Highlighting Tulsa’s Groundbreaking Green Tech Firms

The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States has increasingly become a hotbed for companies committed to sustainable practices and a focus on renewable energy. Emerging from a state strongly rooted in oil and gas extraction, Tulsa now fosters an environment conducive to bleeding-edge innovation in the renewable industry. This transformation into a green, forward-thinking locality is largely due to the significant number of dynamic companies that have chosen to call Tulsa home.

In this article, we will shine the spotlight on some of these ground-breaking companies working relentlessly to transition humanity towards a sustainable energy future. Whether it’s through utilizing natural resources more efficiently, developing green technologies, or revolutionizing energy storage and delivery, each company is making a significant contribution in their own unique way.

Let’s take a tour and learn from the talks of these companies who are at the forefront of this revolution:


Founded in 1908 by David Williams and Miller Williams, Williams is a vital part of the energy infrastructure in North America. With a focus on connecting hydrocarbon resources to burgeoning natural gas markets, Williams boasts of a wide range of midstream gathering and processing assets. They have become a dominant player not just in Tulsa, but also in the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard, whilst maintaining presence in Houston, Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City. More about them can be learned here.

Rimrock Resource Operating

Established in 2015, Rimrock Resource Operating has rapidly grown into a leading player in the development, acquisition and exploration of the oil and gas industry. Among their array of services are oil and water transportation, well site management, contract pumping and crude oil marketing.

Exaeris Water Innovations

In the renewable energy sector, Exaeris Water Innovations is making waves with their patented atmospheric water generator. Founded by John Galbraith, Michael Joyce, and Todd Otanicar, this innovative technology is providing a consistent and reliable source of water in regions where access is severely limited. Learn more about their initiative on their LinkedIn page.


PetroSkills is an educational platform that brings high-quality, competency-based training to the oil and gas industry; an initiative created by BP, Shell, and OGCI. Being a recognized authority in petroleum training and development, PetroSkills brings together over thirty companies accounting for more than 40% of the global oil and gas production capacity.

WPX Energy

Founded in 1983 and based in Tulsa, WPX Energy is dedicated to the production, development, and innovation of oil and natural gas. They are known for producing natural gas, oil, and natural gas liquids from unconventional resources, including tight sands, shale formations, and from coalbed methane reserves.


Established in 1992 by Jim McDonald, MIRATECH is a leader in cost-effective, reliable emission solutions for stationary natural gas and diesel reciprocating engines. The company provides a wide range of products and services, from catalysts and monitoring systems to silencers, to help reduce engine exhaust pollutants and noise levels.


ONE Gas is a dedicated player in the energy and renewable energy industries.

Unit Corporation

Unit Corporation, founded by Don Bodard and King Pouder Kirchner, is a diversified energy company specializing in the exploration, and production of oil and natural gas. They are also known for their acquisition of producing oil and natural gas properties, and the contract drilling of onshore oil and natural gas wells. Find out more about them here.

QPSE, QPS Engineering, LLC

QPSE, QPS Engineering, LLC is a specialized contracting service company that delivers infrastructure solutions for the electric power, oil and gas and communications industries.

ESDC Engineering

ESDC Engineering is a market player in the energy and renewable energy industries.

Samson Resources

Samson Resources is committed player in the energy and renewable energy industries. Find out more about them here.

Written by Mark Smith

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