Renewable Energy Innovators Based in Norcross, Georgia: A Futurology Feature

Welcome to the exciting world of renewable energy in Norcross, Georgia, a burgeoning hub for companies working to shape a more sustainable future. From manufacturing high-efficiency photovoltaic cells to providing innovative energy solutions, these trailblazing organizations are employing bleeding-edge technologies and novel approaches to help transition us towards a more sustainably powered world. This article spotlights seven Norcross-based companies specializing in various subsectors of the renewable energy industry, providing an introduction to each while also allowing interested parties to explore further through direct links to their company websites.

The dedicated founders behind each of these companies share a unified vision to combat climate change and reduce reliance on nonrenewable resources. They are addressing our global energy challenges head on – striving towards the intersection of high efficiency and low costs, developing revolutionary IT platforms for sustainable energy management, creating efficient machinery for various industries, and more. Every business highlighted in this guide offers its own unique answer to the question of how best to serve both our planet and its people through renewable energy.

As the renewable energy sector continues to expand and evolve, Norcross, Georgia has emerged as a home for innovation, bolstered by the ethos of these businesses and many others like them. We invite you to read on and discover more about what each of these companies has to offer, and how they’re individually helping to mould a greener future.


The brainchild of co-founder Ajeet Rohatgi, Suniva is dedicated to driving down the cost per watt of solar-generated power. They develop, manufacture and market their ARTisun series high-efficiency silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells for clean, earth-friendly power generation. Notably, their focus is on the intersection of high efficiency and low cost, aiming at mass market adoption for solar PV. Connect with Suniva on Facebook and LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.

Sterling Planet

Since 2000, Sterling Planet has offered energy solutions that champion the environment. Co-founded by Sonny Murphy, the Atlanta-based company provides renewable energy certificates, green power project development, Sterling Analytics IT platform and more to its customers. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow them on Twitter.

Advanced Control Systems

An industry leader in the automotive, energy, IT, manufacturing, and renewable energy sectors, Advanced Control Systems (ACS) develops automation products and services to enhance power system performance. Learn more about ACS through their LinkedIn or on Twitter.

Nuclear Assurance Corporation

A player in consulting, CRM, energy, IT, and renewable energy, the Nuclear Assurance Corporation delivers expertise in nuclear material management. Sadly, the company has not released much public information on their social media activities.

Maier America

Maier America, a norcross-based rotary joints manufacturer, caters to various sectors, from plastics to machine tools and renewable energy. Their products include rotary unions, a service center, and engineering services. Their LinkedIn account is available here.

TriStar Recycling & Metals

Working in the environmental consulting and renewable energy industry, TriStar Recycling & Metals does not publicly reveal much about their company. They do have a LinkedIn account, a Facebook Page, and a Twitter handle.

Written by Mark Smith

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