Renewable Energy Innovations from Boulogne-Billancourt’s Leading French Companies

Renewable energy is a growing industry around the world, as businesses, governments, and society as a whole recognize the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels. But many of the most exciting advancements in this sector are coming from a single location: Boulogne-billancourt, Ile-de-France, in the heart of France. This is the home to some of the most innovative, environmentally conscious companies in the world, each of them pioneering new ways to harness clean and renewable energy sources.

These companies span a wide variety of sectors. Some are working on artificial intelligence and big data analytics to help optimize energy consumption; others are focused on expanding the reach and efficiency of power grids. Still others are using the power of software to transform the energy consumption habits of businesses. This wide variety of approaches and specialties not only showcases the breadth of possibilities in renewable energy, but the forward-thinking spirit of the companies based in Boulogne-billancourt.

Today, we’re spotlighting several companies that are creating the energy solutions of the future. From start-ups to established businesses, each of these companies is making their mark on the renewable energy landscape. All are based in Boulogne-billancourt, and each offers their own unique contribution to the field. Let’s take a closer look at them.


Energisme is a start-up company specializing in energy management, offering solutions in artificial intelligence, big data, computer, graphic design, internet of things, machine learning, renewable energy, software, and training. Founded by Thierry Chambon, Energisme helps companies control and reduce the energy consumption of their buildings and industrial processes. They provide a set of software and hardware solutions which collect, analyze, and use data from client sites. They maintain active profiles on LinkedIn, @energisme on Twitter, and Energisme on Facebook.


IDEX is a key player in the energy, power grid, and renewable energy sectors in France. Known to operate more than 11,300 energy services contracts, 39 district heating networks and 8 Waste-to-Energy plants, it is the third largest operator in both the district heating and energy efficiency markets in France. The company focuses on promoting energy efficiency, economic and sustainability concerns in a fast-changing regulatory environment which are the significant growth drivers for its operations. To follow Idex’s initiatives, visit their LinkedIn, @IdexEffEnerg on Twitter, and Idex Efficiency Energies on Facebook.


AVOB is a software publisher offering environmental consulting services, renewable energy solutions, and software tools to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. Founded by Jean-Charles Matamoros, Pierre Duchesne, and Sébastien Lavayssière, AVOB’s range of solutions can control 100% of the energy consumption in tertiary locations. To know more about AVOB and their initiatives, be sure to visit their LinkedIn page, Alternative Vision of Business on Facebook, and @avob on Twitter.


Alstom Renovables España SL is influencing the renewable energy industry in multiple areas, from energy and power grids to solar and wind energy. Continuing their work into advancing renewable energy, Alstom Renovables España SL can be followed on LinkedIn, @GErenewables on Twitter, and GE Renewable Energy on Facebook.

Groupe Alcor

A former subsidiary of C3D, Group Alcor operated in the domains of energy and the environment. Achievements included the collection, sorting, and treatment of waste along with water purification and distribution. C3D is a holding company that specialized in engineering services for local development.


Located in Boulogne-billancourt, Idex offers services in the domains of energy, environmental consulting, renewable energy, and solar. You can follow Idex’s efforts at LinkedIn, @Idexgroupe on Twitter, and Idex Group on Facebook.


E-nergy offers consulting, energy, environmental engineering, project management, and renewable energy services from their base in Boulogne-billancourt. For the latest from E-nergy, check out their LinkedIn page.

wpd France

wpd France is a key player in the energy and renewable energy industry. For more information and updates from wpd France, check out their LinkedIn page and follow @wpd_France on Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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