Raleigh’s Innovative Leaders in the Oil and Gas Industry

Located in the heart of the Southeastern United States, Raleigh is a diverse city with a thriving business environment. Often associated with high-tech startups and university research, Raleigh is also home to a solid oil and gas industry that is making significant contributions to technological advancements. These companies, which range from waste management to construction, have carved out their respective niches in the industry. Below we highlight seven companies that stand out in the Raleigh oil and gas sector.


Founded by Jason A. Williams, PRTI is a pioneering company in the waste management technology sector. PRTI offers innovative rubber depolymerization methods that transform tire waste into valuable commodities like gas, steel, oil, and carbon products.LinkedIn


BaseTrace, founded by Adam Rigel, Jake Rudulph, Justine Chow, and Paul-Harvey Weiner, uses the power of DNA-based tracers for environmental monitoring. The company primarily serves hydraulic fracturing companies, providing unique tracers to perform checks for contamination or leakage risks. BaseTrace provides speedy and accurate analysis which can ascertain if fracking fluid has migrated into drinking water, helping mitigate legal concerns and increase accountability in communities concerned with water protection. Facebook

The JF Petroleum Group

The JF Petroleum Group, formerly known as Jones & Frank, is led by Dallas Frank and Garland Jones. The company provides turn-key distribution, construction, and service solutions for North America’s fueling infrastructure industry. They cater to various sectors, including retail fueling stations, commercial and government fleets, and emergency power customers, with a widespread network across the United States. Facebook | LinkedIn

Advanced Energy

As a non-profit organization in the energy sector, Advanced Energy has made considerable contributions to the oil and gas industry. The organization undertakes various consulting roles in energy, aiming to bring about positive, lasting change. Facebook | LinkedIn


Geophex specializes in the design and deployment of electromagnetic survey instruments. They conduct and process geophysical surveys, aerial surveys, and photogrammetric mapping, playing an integral role in the oil and gas sector. LinkedIn

First Petroleum Services

First Petroleum Services shines out in the energy sector, offering top-tier construction services for above and below ground fuel storage applications. Not only do they provide dispensing systems and piping systems, but they also offer electrical contracting and automated control systems. First Petroleum Services is widely recognized for its commitment to quality and safety. LinkedIn

These companies not only nominate Raleigh, NC as a hub of energy innovation but also contribute significantly to the wider energy, oil, and gas industry in the United States. From managing waste efficiently to ensuring safe fuel storage, these companies have etched their names into the annals of the oil and gas sector’s history.

Written by Mark Smith

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