Prominent Perth Environmental Consultancy Firms Advancing Australian Sustainability Goals

In the age of climate change and environmental awareness, the role of companies offering environmental consulting services has become more critical than ever. This article will be highlighting several companies rooted in Perth, Western Australia that operate in this industry. From Aboriginal corporations to renewable energy providers, these organizations all hold a stake in preserving the environment and developing sustainable solutions for a healthier future.

Environmental consultants offer a multitude of services, including impact assessments, environmental management systems, and specialized advice regarding various environmental concerns. Pertaining to industries such as mining, construction, and government sectors, these companies provide crucial insights and strategies for reducing environmental footprints and complying with local and global environmental standards and regulations.

The environmental consulting industry in Perth is extremely diverse, housing companies ranging from non-profit organizations to clean energy providers and governmental bodies. Now, let us take a more in-depth look at some of these companies, providing a brief overview of their operations and contributions to the environmental sector.

Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation

Based in East Perth, the Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation operates in environmental consulting and offers a unique perspective rooted in Aboriginal culture and connection to the land.


Founded by Andrew Spinks, EcoGraf is building a business to produce high purity graphite for the lithium-ion battery market, showcasing their commitment to renewable energy and environmental preservation.

Delorean Corp.

Another proud advocate of renewable energy, Delorean Corp. is paving the way for the commercial production of renewable gas in the form of biomethane.

Village Energy

Established by Ben Hamilton, Wayne Liubinskas, and Yvonne Power, Village Energy provides utilities with a solution that seamlessly manages growing grid complexity. Their platform helps stabilise and optimise the grid by managing the decentralised supply and demand of energy at the device level within each household.

Tox Free Solutions

Tox Free Solutions specialises in offering industrial and waste management services throughout Australia and operates through various segments such as Waste Services, Industrial Services, Technical and Environmental Services, and Health Services.

MAK Water

As one of Australia’s leading wastewater treatment companies, MAK Water provides water, wastewater, and sewage treatment solutions to industries in Australia and overseas.

Environmental Consultants Association

The Environmental Consultants Association promotes development in the environmental consulting industry and represents the interests of its members.

Odour Control Solutions

Odour Control Solutions uses sustainable biotechnology to handle odour and corrosion issues in an incredibly efficient, ecologically friendly, and cost-effective manner.

Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife

The Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife also operates in the environmental consulting sector, with a specific focus on parks and government-led initiatives.

Talis Consultants

Specialising in asset management, civil engineering, environmental consulting, and waste management, Talis Consultants provides a diverse range of environmental services.

Gaia Resources

Gaia Resources is another notable player in the Perth environmental consulting scene, offering sustainability and environmental consulting services.

These diverse companies are the front-runners in environmental consultation in Perth, Western Australia, setting an exceptional precedent for environmental health and sustainability in their respective sectors and beyond.

Written by Mark Smith

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