Prominent Great Yarmouth Based Oil and Gas Enterprises Revolutionising the Industry

Great Yarmouth, a town in Norfolk, England, is a significant hub for industries associated with oil and gas production. While many know this coastal town for its beachfront attractions and maritime history, it is also the nucleus of ingenuity and technological advancements in the energy sector. Let’s step inside some of the pioneering companies, providing cutting-edge solutions to the oil and gas industry.

From on and offshore asset maintenance to marine technology and supply chain management, these companies are at the vanguard of industry innovation. Most are headquartered in Great Yarmouth, which is testament to the town’s strategic importance in the sector. These firms have made it their mission to revolutionize traditional energy production practices, focusing on safety, sustainability, and efficiency.

Each company contributes a unique solution to the energy sector’s many challenges. Get acquainted with these industry leaders and discover what makes them integral to the future of oil and gas production.

3sun Group

Founded in 2006 by Willie Dawson, 3sun Group (source) serves the oil and gas sector worldwide. Specializing in energy, oil and gas, and supply chain management, they provide hydraulic, control, and instrumentation products and services. They also offer their technical expertise for installation and maintenance of wind turbines, both on and offshore, and onsite testing and inspection services for oil, gas, and renewable assets. The company also provides technical and vocational training services in the United Kingdom and Europe.


A versatile construction company serving the oil and gas sector, DSL (source), located in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, has a diverse range of construction and engineering solutions suitable for any situation.

ASCO Group

Founded by Rainer Brunotte and launching operations in 1967, ASCO Group (source) provides supply chain management services to the oil and gas sector among other industries. Located in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, ASCO Group offers integrated supply chain management services that include but are not limited to marine technical services, marine control/monitoring, ship and port agency services, fuel storage services, waste management services, transportation and distribution services. They also provide lifting and recruitment services and customs compliance consulting.


Founded by Erland Peter Bassøe, Seajacks (source) based in Great Yarmouth is a leader In offshore wind farm installation and maintenance. In addition to this, Seajacks’ vessels are all capable of working independently or in pairs, ensuring efficiency and safety in harsh conditions.

Gardline Group

The Gardline Group (source) was established in 1969 as a family-owned business. They are a prominent competitor in marine surveys, primarily operating in Northwest Europe.

Broadland Fuels

Broadland Fuels, Ltd (source) engages in the supply and distribution of biodiesel across the United Kingdom.

East Coast Diesel

The East Coast Diesel (source) company specializes in industrial manufacturing of fuel and caters to the oil and gas industry by providing high-quality diesel products.


Armultra (source) provides many services to the offshore oil and gas construction industry around the world, including fabrication services, renewable energy services, decommissioning services, and more.

Prior Diesel

Prior Diesel is a company that (source) serves the oil, gas, marine, and industrial sectors from their base in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Written by Mark Smith

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