Precious Metals Innovators Thrive in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island

Welcome to part of a series of articles, we will be exploring the thriving industry of precious metals located within a bustling hub of business, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island. These companies are pushing boundaries, innovating, and capitalizing on the inherent value of precious metals. They operate within a variety of sectors, from aerospace to manufacturing, using their backgrounds in precious metals to pave the way for new advancements. Herein, you will find a selection of some of the most intriguing companies operating in this space in Causeway Bay, explore their focuses and discover what makes them shine.


Focusing primarily on the Aluminium, Manufacturing, Mining, and Precious Metals industries, Valimet is a company that’s always prepared to adapt to new applications and technologies. Originally focusing on producing powders for solid propellants, thermal spray, and coating applications, they have since broadened their scope to include additive manufacturing, cold spray, HVOF, brazing, decoy flares, electronic, and thermal management materials. They constantly strive to stay at the forefront of their field to provide innovative solutions and products. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


AML operates within the Chemical, Mineral, Mining, and Precious Metals sector. While much of the company’s information is kept discreet, they possess an extensive network on LinkedIn.


Operating in the Aerospace, Manufacturing, Precious Metals, and Productivity Tools sector, Hydromach was founded by Norberto Cusinato. They manufacture precision components made of advanced materials like Inconel, titanium, stainless steel, and nickel alloys. These components range from bar stock, forgings, or castings. The highly precision machine parts they make are designed for aerospace, commercial, and aircraft applications. Get linked with them on LinkedIn.


Inovati is a company that excels in the Chemical Engineering, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Precious Metals, and Technical Support industry. While information about the company is limited, they engage with their online community through their LinkedIn and Facebook platforms.


StrongBox, a brand in the Manufacturing, Precious Metals, and Sales sector, offers service pedestals, backflow and pump enclosures, and cabinets for DOT applications. Known for its top-tier quality, StrongBox takes pride in its products that provide effective protection for electrical and electronic controls, backflow prevention devices. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Ano-Tech Metal Finishing

A company driven by its commitment to its work and its customers, Ano-Tech Metal Finishing is a family-owned business operating in the Chemical, Delivery, Graphic Design, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Engineering, Precious Metals, and Service Industry. It offers a range of services like Type II, Type III, and graphic anodizing, electro-polishing and hand-polishing, beadblasting, passivation, chemical conversion coating, and precision masking. Engage with them further on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Spanning across diverse industries, these companies share a common thread – the nuanced handling of precious metals. Causeway Bay is more than just a vibrant retail landscape, and its businesses in the precious metals industry are evidence of this. They are not just carving a niche for themselves but contributing significantly to the global conversation around technology and industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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