Pioneering Smart Home Tech Innovators Headquartered In Boulder, Colorado

The Smart Home industry is revolutionizing the way we live and how we perform everyday chores. These devices — ranging from digital assistants, programmed lights, to security systems — are designed to simplify and enhance our lives. Boulder, Colorado, a tech hub in its own right, houses several companies leading the charge in this industry. Today, we’re focusing on a few of those companies making waves in Smart Homes.

Boulder’s Smart Home industry is a melting pot of innovation, fostering collaborations and promoting competition among companies of various sizes — all contributing to sustainable energy solutions, improved energy efficiency, and heightened convenience for homeowners. This article series gives you an opportunity to learn more about these ground-breaking technologies and the Boulder-based companies behind them.

It’s exciting to finally delve into a series that encapsulates the evolution and future trajectory of such a game-changing industry. Prepare to have your imagination stretched and inspired. Let’s dive in:

Copper Labs

Copper Labs, founded by Andrew Zimmer, Dan Forman, and Michael Russo, creates smart home technology dedicated to fostering a more sustainable energy future. Their flagship product, a wireless energy monitor named Copper, offers real-time grid-edge intelligence and electric, gas, and water usage data. By providing this real-time data, Copper Labs enables utilities and ecosystem partners to manage energy demand, stabilize the grid, and reduce the cost to serve energy. In the age of conservation, their technology turns homes smarter and greener. Connect with them on LinkedIn and follow their Twitter.


The brainchild of Garett Madole, Joss Scholten, and Kent Dickson, Yonomi is an app that automates your interactions with connected devices. With this platform, everything from lighting and temperature control to music and weather updates gets a smart, automated upgrade. The compatibility of Yonomi with numerous connected devices expands the range of possibilities and convenience for its users. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for updates.

Hygge Power

Hygge Power tackles energy efficiency through its CO-Z family of products. Founded by Caleb Scalf, and Tristan and Maxwell Lewin, Hygge Power offers real-time insights, automated savings, and power failure protection. Their app enables users to shift power usage to greener times and provides backup power during outages. Keep up with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Revolv, co-founded by Jeff Mathews, Lee Taylor, and Mike Soucie, offers a user-friendly home monitoring and control solution that communicates with various wireless products. Its smart technology enables homeowners to automate and manage devices irrespective of manufacturers or wireless protocols. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

ZOO Fans

ZOO Fans innovates in comfort and energy efficiency with their series of small, performance fans. The fans work by gently mixing air and variable speed controls guarantee comfort. Stay informed by following ZOO Fans on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Cohousing promotes a green lifestyle by providing services that promote minimal usage of the earth’s resources. They emphasize conservation and cost-effective services while ensuring a full life for the residents. For more information, you can follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

RL Woodworks & Design

The craftsmen at RL Woodworks & Design design and create custom cabinets, furniture, and architectural woodwork. They incorporate smart technology into their woodworking process, making them a unique inclusion in the Smart Home industry. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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