Philadelphia’s Innovators Revolutionizing The American Solar Energy Landscape

Welcome to the latest installment of Futurology’s spotlight on solar industry companies. This series takes a closer look at companies from around the globe that are making significant contributions to the development and application of solar technology. Today, we’re focusing on sun-chasing businesses based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As we dive into the details of these companies, you may find that some are more familiar than others. Still, each of them is striving to provide sustainable energy solutions and a cleaner, greener future.

Philadelphia is not just the city of Brotherly Love, but also a city with a burning passion for renewable energy. This is evident from the array of companies that have dedicated their services to the development and distribution of solar solutions. These companies range from manufacturing solar-powered devices to providing comprehensive solar energy solutions and educational opportunities to the public.

Whether innovating new products, educating consumers, or advocating for policy change, these Philadelphia-based companies are making a significant impact in the solar industry. Let’s turn our spotlight on them.


Focusing on the mobile device market, Spor was founded by David Hunt, Jason Browne, and Mark Donohue. The company provides a solution to your power needs using contemporary technology and modern solar power. Spor manufactures solar-powered battery chargers that are not just simple and reliable, but also modular. Spor’s standout product, the Spor charger, is designed to disconnect people from the traditional power grid and connect them to their mobile devices. The team at Spor believes in disruption, arguing that the existing model of accessing power and electricity is outdated. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn or join the conversation on Twitter.

Solar Grid Storage

The next company on our list is Solar Grid Storage. This company develops battery energy storage systems that don’t just serve as a utility but also offer a comprehensive solar energy solution. Solar Grid Storage’s unique model allows the co-location of battery systems with photovoltaic (PV) systems, owned and maintained by the company. This set-up eradicates the need for PV developers to purchase a solar inverter, thus reducing installation costs while providing new benefits to the PV system users. Stay connected with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Solar States

Solar States is another impressive enterprise centered on solar energy. While their primary business details are not openly disclosed, they remain a crucial component of Philadelphia’s solar industry. Their digital presence can be traced on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

NRG Home

NRG Home has a diverse portfolio that includes home electricity, natural gas plans, cash back plans, rooftop solar, community solar, electric vehicles, clean energy plans, renewable energy plans, solar energy, energy efficiency tips, and customer care services. They are thriving in the solar industry by not just generating solar energy but also offering holistic energy solutions to the consumers. Stay in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Herbal On Sale

At Herbalife on Sale, they are using solar energy to power their systems, an interesting infusion of solar technology into the healthcare and fitness industries. In addition to offering popular Herbalife Shakes for weight loss and gaining energy, the company is also committed to sustainability, relying on renewable sources like solar energy to power their business.

Philadelphia Solar Energy Association

Last but not least, we have the Philadelphia Solar Energy Association, a non-profit organization committed to the solar energy movement. With the aim of promoting solar energy among the locals, this association stands out in its mission to educate the general public about the importance and benefits of solar power. Catch up with them via Facebook, LinkedIn, or join the conversation on Twitter.

With these companies leading the charge, Philadelphia is spearheading the solar revolution. As they vie for innovation and impact, we can only wait to see the strides they will make in transforming the world of solar energy. Stay tuned to Futurology for more updates on who’s making waves in the solar industry across the globe.

Written by Mark Smith

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