Ottawa’s Trailblazing Renewable Energy Companies Transforming the Canadian Scene

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is rapidly becoming a hot spot for renewable energy companies, putting it in pole position in Canada’s green energy revolution. In this article, we highlight several of these companies that are creating innovative solutions within the renewable energy industry. Whether it’s producing renewable liquid fuels, optimizing smart grids, or supplying real-time energy data, these companies are paving the way towards a sustainable future.

All the companies profiled here are unique, working in various sectors like biotechnology, mining, and software. No matter their specific industry, they all share a common goal: creating and advancing sustainable, renewable sources of energy. Below, you’ll find profiles of the various companies contributing to this renewable energy revolution in Ottawa.

From Hydro Ottawa, Ottawa’s largest local, community-owned electricity distributor, to Maxun Solar Inc., a company maximizing solar energy capture through dual-axis tracking, this article aims to celebrate and recognize these innovation trailblazers. Furthermore, through this article, we hope to inspire other companies, government agencies, and individuals to actively participate in the deployment of renewable energy for a sustainable future.


Founded by Devashish Paul, BluWave-ai is leading the energy transformation by optimizing smart grids for increased affordability, reliability, and sustainability. They have developed a SaaS-based solution that utilizes AI to balance the cost, availability, and reliability of different energy sources in real-time. Their solutions have been successfully adopted by distribution utility, enterprise, mining, campus, net zero community, and remote/off-grid clients around the globe.
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With founders Barry Freel and Robert Graham at the helm, Ensyn provides a market-ready and proven process for producing renewable liquid fuels from wood and agricultural residues. Their patented RTP technology can convert wood and other woody biomass to high yields of valuable liquids, making it a unique player in the renewable energy industry.
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Consumers Energy Services

Consumers Energy Services is a company committed to helping businesses and homeowners save money on their energy bills by identifying ways to reduce energy consumption. They offer a range of services, such as energy audits and equipment upgrades. You can follow Consumers Energy Services on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Canadian Renewable Energy Association

The Canadian Renewable Energy Association leads in voicing out the need for wind energy, solar energy, and energy storage solutions. You can follow the Canadian Renewable Energy Association on @RenewablesAssoc and LinkedIn.

Waterotor Energy Technologies

Waterotor Energy Technologies is making strides in the industry. They can be followed on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Plasco Energy Group

Founded by Roderick Bryden, Plasco Energy Group has made a name for themselves by converting post-recycled municipal solid waste into green power. Follow them on Facebook.

Hydro Ottawa

Established by Thomas Ahearn, Hydro Ottawa is the city’s largest local and community-owned electricity distributor. They are on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Blue Line Innovations

Blue Line Innovations focuses on supplying real-time, energy data to assist individuals and businesses in conserving energy. You can follow them on @powercost, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Maxun Solar Inc.

Through the leadership of Ra’ed Arab, Maxun Solar Inc. is maximizing solar energy capture through dual-axis tracking technology. Follow Maxun Solar Inc. on @MaxunSolar, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Richard Beal and Viktar Tatsiankou, Spectrafy is building the future of solar and atmospheric measurement. Follow Spectrafy on @spectrafy, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Alscott Energy

Alscott Energy is a noteworthy player in the manufacturing, marine transportation and renewable energy industry. They can be followed on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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