Orlando’s Pioneering Augmented Reality Firms Shaping Future Technology Landscape

The Sunshine State, while known for its amusement parks and beaches, is rapidly becoming a mecca for innovation in the Augmented Reality industry. Several trailblazing AR companies have put down roots in Orlando, Florida, further bolstering the city’s reputation as an exciting hub of technological growth in the United States. These pioneers incorporate cutting-edge technology and design to offer innovative solutions across various industries, from gaming and entertainment to education and real estate, demonstrating the vast potential and versatility of Augmented Reality.

Some firms are breaking new ground in semiconductor engineering with high-tech MEMS components, while others leverage AR capabilities to redefine user experiences in education and professional training. Through the use of Augmented Reality technology, these companies are traversing the boundary between the physical and digital worlds, creating immersive experiences that merge the best aspects of both. This article delves into these Orlando-based companies’ profiles and their unique contributions to the evolving AR industry.

We invite you to discover the innovative landscape of Orlando, an emerging city at the forefront of Augmented Reality. Below, we highlight several noteworthy companies that exemplify Orlando’s vibrant AR scene.

MEI Micro, Inc.

MEI Micro, Inc. specializes in developing and commercializing motion-sensing devices and systems related to augmented reality, wearable technology, navigation, software, and virtual reality. Founded by Louis Ross and Mark Boysel, MEI Micro is a fabless MEMS device company that pushes the boundaries of miniaturization and precision. Find more about this innovative company on their LinkedIn page.

Mass Virtual

Simultaneously delving into 3D technology, software, and virtual reality fields, Mass Virtual is another Orlando-based company forging a path within the AR landscape. John Brooks founded this company, which is in the thick of driving future technology innovations.

Design Interactive

Founded by Kay Stanney, Design Interactive is at the cutting edge of human performance diagnostics and data modeling technology. Using advanced technology, this company integrates its research into human capital management, custom training, and UI/UX solutions. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or their LinkedIn page.

Leap With Alice

Bringing augmented reality to the classroom, Leap With Alice leverages AR technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to create an educational platform dedicated to fostering innovation and enhancing learning experiences. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or their LinkedIn page.

Player Epic Inc

Player Epic Inc is an ambitious project by founder Johnny Williams. The company is in developments to become a global gaming platform that harnesses AR to create immersive gaming experiences for players worldwide. Learn more about their venture on their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

CT Homes Realty

Lastly, in the real estate sector, CT Homes Realty is incorporating augmented reality, providing a fresh take on viewing properties and transforming the future of real estate and construction. Follow their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for updates.

In conclusion, the Augmented Reality industry in Orlando, Florida showcases the breadth and innovation of this technology, spanning various sectors, from entertainment to education to real estate. This closer look at the city’s dynamic AR scene offers a glimpse into a future where AR applications become ubiquitous in our everyday lives. It is clear that Orlando is not just the “Theme Park Capital of the World” but also a burgeoning technology center in its own right.

Written by Mark Smith

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