Oklahoma City’s Leading Innovators in Renewable Energy Industry Spotlight


Located in the heartland of the United States, Oklahoma City has a rich tradition of energy production. From oil and gas to renewables, this metropolis is home to a host of players driving the momentum in the energy sector. This breathtaking journey into energy production, distribution, and technology will take us through some of the most influential and cutting-edge companies shaping the energy landscape in Oklahoma City.

From deep underground reserve exploration to harvesting the boundless sun, these companies represent a spectrum of energy sources and means of production. They are pioneers in their respective realms, with operations not only spanning across the United States but also creating far-reaching global impacts.

In this article, we will explore some of the most significant players in the energy sector operating out of Oklahoma City, each making substantial strides in their spheres. We will delve into their histories, services, and the roles each plays in shaping the renewable energy industry.

Chesapeake Energy

Chesapeake Energy is the second-largest producer of natural gas and one of the most active drillers of new wells in the United States. Founded by Aubrey McClendon and Tom L. Ward, Chesapeake Energy Corporation not only discovers new unconventional natural gas and oil fields but also markets and delivers oilfield services. They maintain a strong foothold in several notable oil fields such as the Marcellus, Haynesville/Bossier, Barnett, and many more. Follow their journey on Facebook and Linkedin.

Intensity Midstream

Created by Derek Gipson and Joseph L. Griffin in 2015, Intensity Midstream is dedicated to the full-service midstream energy industry. The company operates across select North American basins, focusing on constructing, acquiring and enhancing midstream assets. While not active on social media, you can get further details about them on their LinkedIn page.

Continental Resources

Continental Resources, founded by Harold G. Hamm, is another behemoth in the independent oil production sector in the United States. They have an impressive portfolio of operational areas, including the Bakken of North Dakota and Montana and the SCOOP play in Oklahoma. You can follow their work on Facebook and Linkedin.

Riley Permian

Launched by the Riley siblings, Bobby, Corey, and Kevin, Riley Permian is a high-growth energy exploration firm. Focused mainly on horizontal development of the San Andres Formation, they are industry leaders in oil and natural gas acquisition, development, and production.

Galvanic Energy

Founded by Brent Wilson in 2018, Galvanic Energy develops methods for energy exploration and development, with a strong focus on green technology and renewable energies. The company strives to overcome economic and technical barriers to create a domestic supply of raw materials for alternative-energy. Check out their LinkedIn profile for more.

Cactus Drilling Co

Cactus Drilling Co is another significant energy player in Oklahoma City. You can follow them on Facebook

Chaparral Energy LLC

With their focus on energy and manufacturing, Chaparral Energy LLC is another established firm in Oklahoma City’s energy sector.

Echo Energy

Echo Energy works in the realm of energy out of Oklahoma City. Follow their social media footprint on Facebook and Linkedin.

Panhandle Oilfield Service

Founded by Tim Long, Panhandle Oilfield Service is a leading oilfield service provider. The Company operates in several high growth areas of oil and gas exploration and production, including the Mississippian Lime formation, the Marcellus shale and the Utica shale formations.

MACH Resources

Founded by Tom Ward, MACH Resources operates in the Energy and Oil and Gas industries. Details about their operation could be found on their LinkedIn page.

Mustang Fuel Corp

Mustang Fuel Corp is another key player in Oklahoma City’s energy industry.


Written by Mark Smith

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