Oil and Gas Innovators: Spotlight on Billings, Montana Headquarters

Home to wide open spaces and booming industries, Billings, Montana has become a hub for pioneers in the Oil and Gas Industry. These companies bring innovative solutions and advancements to the forefront of the industry, setting a new standard for excellence and revolutionizing energy production and consumption. Today, we shine a light on some of these trail-blazing companies making their mark within the Oil and Gas field right in the heart of Montana.

From companies focused on renewable energy to those specializing in gas liquids capture and geosteering, this spotlight reveals the breadth of expertise and innovative efforts in play by these companies. While they may differ in service offerings, they share a common thread: They are underpinning America’s energy renaissance with their forward-thinking, inventive, and sustainable approaches to exploiting oil and gas resources.

Each with a unique approach to oil and gas, and offering distinctive services within the industry, these companies work together to create a progressive, synergistic energy hub. Ranging from major industry players to upcoming enterprises, these companies highlight the dynamic oil and gas industry landscape in Billings, Montana.

Augustus Energy Partners

Founded by Steven D. Durrett, Augustus Energy Partners specializes in oil and gas exploration services. Focusing on the acquisition and development of oil and gas properties within the Rocky Mountain and mid-continent regions, the company is a crucial player in this industry. Despite being only a decade old, Augustus Energy is steadily making a mark in the industry, thanks to its dedication to sustainable practices within the oil and gas field.


The innovation race within the industry has seen GTUIT rise as a leading service company providing natural gas liquid capture and gas conditioning at well sites. Spearheaded by Brian Cebull, James Haider, and Mark Peterson, GTUIT’s equipment makes it possible to reduce the volume of flared gas using mobile and modular unites to capture wellhead gas before flaring. They also develop GTUIT MobileMidstream, offering profitable outlets for NGL conditioned gas, providing full value to oil and gas producers.


KLJ, established by Louie and Mary Ellen Veigel, has been shaping the industry since 1938 by providing engineering-based services with an emphasis on local expertise. Alongside their wide range of services, they have an undeniably positive impact on the energy industry in Billings, Montana by developing infrastructure responsible to social, civic, and economic needs. Their other prominent initiatives include oil and gas, property development and public transportation.

Sunburst Consulting

Sunburst Consulting is a specialist in geosteering, well site geology, and operations geology services. They employ the art of geosteering to understand sedimentary systems, stratigraphy, structural geology and spatially visualise the subsurface. Sunburst Consulting’s work adds immense value to the industry with their unique blend of science and art.

Ballard Petroleum Holdings LLC

Another leading light in the industry is Ballard Petroleum Holdings. Specializing in oil and gas, they continue to contribute positively to the energy industry in Billings.

Computer Unlimited

A name synonymous with innovation in the oil and gas industry, Computer Unlimited was founded by Michael Schaer. Offering integrated solutions, cloud computing, and customer support to industrial gas and welding supply distributors, HME Providers, and Hearing & SLP Practices. The company prides itself on providing practical, efficient solutions for industrial gas distributors, HME providers, and audiology practices.

Lonewolf Energy

Founded by Trent Sizemore, Lonewolf Energy is a significant player as an oil and gas brokerage firm. They confront the industry’s challenges head-on, tackling the potential issues of archaeology and biology that can hinder an exploration program, lease acquisition project or alternative energy project.

Mountain Energy Inc

Mountain Energy is an oil and gas company that specializes in buying mineral and royalty interests. They also involve themselves in purchasing and leasing oil and gas mineral rights all over the country and correcting title issues.

Welter Consulting

An example of exceptional service offerings in the industry, Welter Consulting specialises in oil and gas, renewable energy, and sustainability. They are focussed on creating a sustainable future in the energy industry.

Total Stream Systems

Total Stream Systems is a leading name in the oil and gas industry and has made significant contributions in terms of solutions and services. They also offer a range of software solutions designed to streamline the oil and gas supply process.

Petroleum Consultants

Petroleum Consultants not only offers drilling, production and reservoir services, but also production testing and regulatory services. Their roster of expertise includes gas lift, ESP, jet pump, plunger lift, sucker rod pump, and paraffin control. They are indeed a one-stop shop for various oil and gas services.

Written by Mark Smith

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