Norwegian Oil and Gas Innovation: Spotlight on Kristiansand-Based Enterprises

In recent years, many pioneering companies within the Oil and Gas industry have established their headquarters in the beautiful city of Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, Norway. These firms, each unique in their approach, are harnessing cutting-edge technology to revolutionise the energy sector. This article presents an insightful look into these trailblazing companies, their operations, and their unparalleled contributions to the industry.

From renewable energy to industrial automation, these companies are not only fueling progress in the Norwegian economy but are also contributing significantly on a global scale. Steadfast in their commitment to sustainable practices, several of these companies have transitioned towards renewable energy sources, consolidating Norway’s position as a global leader in green energy.

The following is an overview of some remarkable companies that have made Kristiansand their base of operations.


With its hands in Energy, Industrial automation, Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy, Oneco is contributing significantly to the local and international markets. For more information, you can follow Oneco on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Specialising in Consulting, Energy, Oil and Gas, and Professional Services, HMH offers services that include drilling solutions, RCD & minerals, digitalisation, engineering, and services, to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry. More information about HMH can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Norges Energi

Norges Energi is one of Norway’s leading low-cost electricity suppliers, promising the same prices to its customers as they pay on the power exchange.

Sense Intellifield

Operating in Aerospace, Information Technology, and Oil and Gas sectors, Sense Intellifield plays a significant role in advancing technology and benefiting the global environment. You can learn more about Sense Intellifield on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Origo Solutions

Origo Solutions stands out in the industry due to its unique approach and solutions to various Energy and Oil and Gas needs. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more details.


As a leader in Insurance, Marine Transportation, and Oil and Gas, Wesmans has made significant strides in the industry. Find out more about Wesmans through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

RSM imagineering

RSM imagineering has carved a name for itself in the diverse areas of Energy, Machinery Manufacturing, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Oil and Gas. Look them up on Facebook and LinkedIn for more detailed information.


Norpalm, dealing in Agriculture, Farming, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas sectors, manages an oil palm plantation and processes oil palm into crude palm oil for industrial and domestic use.

Skeie Drilling and Production AS

Skeie Drilling & Production AS is committed to providing comprehensive oil and gas exploration and drilling services, reinforcing Norway’s dominant role in this significant area.

Written by Mark Smith

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