Norwegian Energy Innovators Advancing Global Sustainability from Sandnes, Rogaland

The future of energy is here. Located within the heart of Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway are some of the world’s leading players in the Energy, Oil and Gas industry who are changing the course of the world using bleeding-edge technology. This series aims to shed light on these remarkable companies, their founders and their remarkable accomplishments.

Each of these companies is not only a significant player in their industry but are contributing to shaping the future in their unique way. Some specialize in Oil and Gas whilst others champion the cause of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Each company, unique in its operation, is united in their ambitious vision of transforming our future.

Vår Energi

Founded in 2018, Vår Energi is at the frontline of the next generation of oil and gas operators on the NCS. Their core business revolves around maximizing value through safe and responsible exploration, development, and production of hydrocarbons. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn for more information.


Easee is a proud provider of electric vehicle chargers to homes, apartments, and commercial buildings across the world. Their one-of-a-kind charging robot adapts automatically to all electric cars, currents, and power grids and is packed with top-tier technology and safety features. You can follow Easee on Facebook or LinkedIn for their latest updates.

Horisont Energi

Unleashing the power of clean energy, Horisont Energi the option of energy storage and environmental consulting. Follow them on LinkedIn to stay updated.

Sekal AS

Founded by Asbjørn Sola, Sekal AS, brings a fresh approach to improve the safety and efficiency of drilling operations through advanced real-time engineering support. Specializing in Energy, Oil and Gas, Real Time, Retail Technology, Software, Sekal is commercializing two software solutions, DrillScene and DrillTronics. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

SFF Group

A leading entity in the sectors of Energy, Hardware, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Wholesale. SFF Group, provides top-tier energy solutions globally. Engage with them on Facebook or LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.

Cubility AS

Revolutionizing how the Energy, Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy industry operates, Cubility AS has introduced MudCube system and has been recognized as a Proven Technology by Statoil in 2012. This revolutionary system vastly improves well control and safety and reduces environmental risks. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Techouse AS

As a leader in the provision of offshore platform processing equipment and services to the oil & gas industry, Techouse AS specializes in various advanced water treatment systems, energy recovery (WHRU), gas turbine technology, and more. Get connected with them on LinkedIn.


Energreen is innovatively developing a technology for generating clean energy by recouping it from pressure drops in fluid process systems, which was previously wasted energy. Follow the progress of Energreen’s remarkable vision on LinkedIn.

eDrilling AS

eDrilling is an experienced global market and technology leader providing drilling and well performance solutions to the oil & gas industry. Engage with eDrilling AS on Facebook or LinkedIn for the latest news and improvements.


ISq is a Consulting, Energy, Mechanical Engineering, Oil and Gas company, highlighting the blending of traditional and future energy systems. Stay updated with ISq’s innovation in the energy sector via their LinkedIn.

In conclusion, Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway is a hub of technological development in the sphere of energy innovation. With these leading companies at its heart, the city is playing a vital role in shaping and transforming the future of energy consumption.

Written by Mark Smith

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