Munich’s Key Players Molding Future of Environmental Engineering Industry

Munich, Bayern, Germany has always been at the forefront of technology. The city is home to some of the world’s leading engineering companies and groundbreaking startups, making it a natural hub for innovation. This is particularly true when it comes to the field of Environmental Engineering – an industry that is becoming increasingly crucial in our quest to preserve and protect the planet. Here is a look at some Munich-based Environmental Engineering companies taking the fight against environmental destruction into their own hands.

Environmental Engineering is an indispensable part of our evolving world, aiming to improve and safeguard the environment by employing advanced technology. Companies operating within this discipline strive for solutions that mitigate the human impact on the environment, including waste reduction, pollution control, recycling, renewable energy implementation, and more. This series of articles will shed light on various Environmental Engineering companies that have established their headquarters in Munich, Bayern, Germany.

The companies we’re going to focus on mainly specialize in sustainable energy, cleaner production processes, and environmental consulting. Despite being different in their specifics, they all share the same pursuit: to design a better, more sustainable, world. Without further delay, let’s delve into the profiles of each company.


Founded by Erwin Spolders, Redavia is a pioneering company in the Renewable Energy sector. The company’s main offering is its state-of-the-art solar power solution, designed for businesses in West and East Africa. Redavia’s solar power system is distinct because it is pre-configured, includes high-performance solar modules and electrical components, and is easy to ship, set up, scale, and redeploy. Connect with Redavia on Facebook, @RedaviaSolar on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Hawa Dawa

Operating within the CleanTech, Environmental Consulting, and Environmental Engineering sectors, among others, Hawa Dawa is an emerging force. The company was founded by Birgit Fullerton, Jannai Flaschberger, Karim Hesham Tarraf, and Matthew Fullerton in 2016. Hawa Dawa develops and manufactures air quality monitoring systems, assisting businesses and institutions in achieving their environmental objectives. Check out Hawa Dawa on Facebook, @hawadawalabs on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Meri Environmental Solutions

Meri Environmental Solutions is an Environmental Engineering company that also specialises in Machinery Manufacturing, Recycling, and Sustainable practices. Although no further information about the company’s specifics is given, Meri Environmental Solutions maintains a strong presence within the industry. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Digital Energy Solutions

Specialising in the Energy, Environmental Engineering, and Renewable Energy industries, Digital Energy Solutions is one of Munich’s leading companies. While specific details about their operations aren’t given, it’s clear from their presence in these sectors that they’re heavily involved in environmental preservation and sustainability efforts. You can find more about them on LinkedIn.


Bitten operates within the realm of Architecture, Environmental Consulting, and Environmental Engineering. With representations in eleven locations across the country, Bitten offers a wide range of services including planning, consulting, and analytical services in the fields of soil, building, environment, and health. More about the company can be found on LinkedIn.

Tomic TEC

Tomic TEC is another Munich-based company, specialising in Industrial Automation, Environmental Engineering, Manufacturing, and Technical Support. Specific details about the founders and the company itself are not provided, but their industry presence indicates their commitment to environmental preservation through engineering solutions.

Written by Mark Smith

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