Minnesota Pioneers: Innovative Recycling Initiatives from Saint Paul Enterprises

In the bustling city of Saint Paul, Minnesota, there exists an array of innovative businesses leading the way in the recycling industry. These organizations are dedicated to creating environmentally-minded solutions for waste management, demonstrating the potential for sustainability in diverse fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer goods. They work tirelessly to not only reduce waste but also to convert it into reusable materials in creative and efficient ways. Here’s a glimpse into the operations of some of Saint Paul’s top recycling companies.

Founded under various circumstances but united by a common goal, these companies have carved out their niches in the recycling sector. Their headquarters in Saint Paul serve as platforms for their far-reaching operations, which involve everything from paper products and electronic waste to healthcare plastics and precious metals. Every one of these companies has a compelling story to tell about sustainability, innovation, and the future.

The solutions they provide are multifaceted and expansive, catering to the varied needs of businesses and consumers alike. Technology is woven into their operations, enhancing their capabilities and allowing them to make significant strides in their respective industries. Without further ado, let us delve deeper into these pioneering organizations.


A leader in the manufacturing and recycling industry, Bro-Tex provides a wide array of wiping solutions. Their offerings extend to non-woven dry wipes, microfibers, cotton towels, wet wipes, and absorbent products, among other items. In addition to their diverse product range, they also excel in contract converting and custom packaging. Connect with Bro-Tex on Twitter and Facebook for their latest updates.

Rohn Industries

Rohn Industries plays a vital role in the manufacturing, printing, and recycling sectors, providing dedicated recycling programs for businesses. They handle a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics, and even electronics. You can follow Rohn Industries on Facebook for more information.

Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council offers specialized recycling services for healthcare plastics. As a consortium of industry peers, they combine expertise from healthcare, recycling, and waste management sectors to provide unparalleled service. Visit their Twitter account for further details.

Metro Metals Recycling

Metro Metals Recycling is making a name for itself in the realms of recycling, sustainability, and waste management. Stay updated on their initiatives by visiting their Facebook page.

SKB Environmental

Offering services in environmental engineering, recycling, and waste management, SKB Environmental excels in hauling, waste processing, and environmentally-sound waste disposal. Their LinkedIn page can be found here.


Playing a dynamic role in the fields of consumer goods, e-commerce, recycling, and toys, YOXO certainly stands out among its peers. Be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Pure Fill Solutions

With a focus on the oil and gas, recycling, restaurant, and retail industries, Pure Fill Solutions is undoubtedly making waves.

Stebgo Metals

Stebgo Metals is a standout in the field of industrial recycling, dealing with precious metals and providing services for gold-karat scrap refining and recycling, silver refining, stone removal, and more. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts offer insight into their exciting work.

Written by Mark Smith

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