Markham’s Top Environmental Engineering Firms Driving Canada’s Green Future

Futurology focuses on the companies going above and beyond in their respective industries to make bolder strides toward a more sustainable future. This week, we delve into some pioneering companies in the Environmental Engineering industry, all headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada. The challenges they tackle range from cleaner energy storage to cutting-edge air purification solutions, each with a unique approach to redefining sustainability for a better tomorrow.

Each company showcases a rising commitment to create innovative solutions that harmonize technological advances with ecological preservation. This article series spotlights these tech and environmental game-changers that are not only pushing the boundaries of their industries but also reshaping our understanding of what’s possible within sustainable development.

Situated in Markham, these companies exemplify the city’s burgeoning reputation as an environmental tech hub. This synergistic blend of technological innovation and sustainable practices makes Markham a burgeoning bastion for green businesses. Let’s delve into exploring these companies:

Pond Technologies

Pond Technologies, led by founders Max Kolesnik and Steven Martin, is a pioneer in the industry, being one of the first to commercialize scalable carbon capture and utilization technology. Their ingenious solution involves using algae to photosynthesize and consume carbon dioxide emissions in industrial sites. The resulting high-quality, high-volume algae biomass can be further processed into a range of products such as nutraceuticals, high-protein animal feed, and petroleum derivatives. Connect with them on Twitter, watch their Facebook, or network on LinkedIn.


The mission at TROES, founded by Vienna Zhou, is to develop smart power energy storage tech-products and solutions. Their patented, modularized energy storage system not only enables incredible project efficiency, but also opens up an array of opportunities with significant payback benefits. Get to know more about TROES on LinkedIn.


With over 80 years of experience, Macrotek offers an array of air pollution control systems to comply with diverse environmental requirements. Led by Rick Sheppard, Macrotek uses some of the most innovative technologies available in the industry to provide cost-efficient solutions for industrial air purification. Engage with their content on Twitter or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Electro Sonic

Electro Sonic offers services in the Environmental Engineering, Logistics, and Packaging industry. To learn more about Electro Sonic’s offerings, visit their website. You can also connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

AiMS Environmental

Operating in the Consulting, Environmental Engineering, and Property Development industry, AiMS Environmental offers bespoke environmental solutions tailored to its client’s needs. For more updates, connect with them on LinkedIn.

J+B Engineering

J+B Engineering aspires to exceed expectations with their superior services in the Consulting, Environmental Engineering, and Industrial Engineering industry. Get in touch with J+B on Facebook or link up on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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