Los Angeles Pioneers: Spotlight on SoCal’s Groundbreaking 3D Printing Companies

Los Angeles, California is not only known for its thriving Hollywood scene, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage, but also for being home to some of the most innovative companies in the 3D Printing industry. These companies are contributing immensely to a wide range of industries including healthcare, construction, manufacturing, dental medicine, and more. They are reshaping the traditional ways of working with their innovative methodologies, and are leading the way towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future. Here, we present a list of such avant-garde companies based in Los Angeles that are making a significant impact in the 3D Printing industry.


Freeform is a 3D printing company offering metal 3D printing solutions for manufacturing companies. It deploys self-sufficient metal 3D printing factories around the world, combining advanced sensing and data-driven learning to produce flawless parts at unimaginable speeds and costs. Founded by Erik Palitsch and Thomas Ronacher, Freeform is ushering in a new era of digital manufacturing.
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Dedicated to revolutionizing digital dentistry, SprintRay produces 3D printers designed to empower dentists to cater to their patients more effectively. Founded by Amir Mansouri, Erich Kreidler, Hossein Bassir, and Jing Zhang, SprintRay has been transforming the dental industry since 2014 with their leading-edge, user-friendly products.
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R3 Printing

A promising tech startup that aims to automate the 3D printing process from digital file to finished part, R3 Printing stands to unlock an affordable 3D-printed future for everyone with its automated 3D printing ecosystem that’s capable of mass production.

Co-founded and led by Paul Sieradzki and Petra Wood, R3 Printing holds the promise to finally unlock 3D Printing’s potential by eliminating its inefficiencies and building a world where custom 3D-printed products are available at prices that can compete with mass production.

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Fitz Frames

Fitz Frames is an online app where customers can purchase perfect, 3D-manufactured eyeglasses custom fit to their own measurements. Founded by Gabriel Schlumberger and Heidi Hertel, Fitz Frames uses advanced 3D Printing technology to create tailor-made, durable, and affordable frames that exactly fit the wearer’s facial structure.
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Azure Printed Homes

Azure Printed Homes specializes in constructing 3D-printed structures using recycled plastic materials to create zero-emission prefab homes. Founded by Gene Eidelman and Ross Maguire, Azure Printed Homes is a game-changer in the construction industry, fostering sustainable development through their innovative practices.


Metamason is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare treatment through their individualized, 3D-printed medical device products. Founded by Charles Bohlen, Clifford Sarkin, Leslie Karpas, and Ryan Oenning, Metamason’s flagship product, Respere™, is a custom-fit, 3D-printed CPAP mask that enhances the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
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Cazza is a global leader in providing large-scale 3D Printing construction technologies and services. Founded by Chris Kelsey and Javier Hernandez, Cazza aims to expedite the construction process through their innovative solutions.
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Capsul Jewelry

Capsul doesn’t just sell jewelry, it sells memories. Founded by Tina Cheng, Capsul uses 3D-printing for mass customization to reduce production time and deliver high-quality personalized jewelry pieces. Your voice, handwriting, or a special name, date, or place can be etched forever in a piece of jewelry.
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Hero Forge

Hero Forge, the brainchild of Teagan Morrison is an online miniature design tool, giving users the ability to design and create custom, 3D-printed tabletop miniatures and statuettes.
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Second Studio

An advanced design platform by Nels Long, Second Studio amalgamates robust design tools in a virtual reality environment with secure, cloud-based collaborative capabilities for enhanced productive ideation, discussion, and critique. Its unique features provide a revolutionary model of designing.
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AIO Robotics

AIO Robotics, founded by Christian Siagian, Jens Windau, and Kai Chang, is known for its world’s first All-In-One 3D Printer called ZEUS that can scan, edit, and print 3D objects with just the press of a button. ZEUS is an industry game-changer that makes 3D Printing accessible and easy for everyone.
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Written by Mark Smith

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