Leaked Photo Reveals Unconventional Interior Design of Tesla Cybertruck

Key Takeaways:

– A leaked photo of the Tesla Cybertruck’s interior has surfaced, revealing some interesting details.
– The interior features an unconventional steering wheel design and lacks certain traditional features.
– The leaked image suggests that the Cybertruck’s interior may not be as driver-focused as some had hoped.
– Tesla is expected to officially reveal the Cybertruck’s interior at a delivery event in the near future.

Unconventional Steering Wheel Design

The leaked photo of the Tesla Cybertruck’s interior showcases a unique steering wheel design that has sparked a lot of discussion. Instead of a traditional circular steering wheel, the Cybertruck appears to feature a yoke-like design. This unconventional shape has divided opinions, with some praising its futuristic look and others expressing concerns about its practicality and ergonomics. It remains to be seen how this design choice will be received by consumers and whether it will become a signature feature of Tesla vehicles going forward.

Lack of Traditional Features

In addition to the unconventional steering wheel design, the leaked photo also reveals the absence of certain traditional features that are commonly found in vehicles. One notable omission is the lack of stalks for turning signals. Instead, the Cybertruck seems to rely on capacitive touch buttons on the steering wheel for signaling intentions. While this may be seen as a modern and minimalist approach, it raises questions about ease of use and muscle memory for drivers who are accustomed to traditional controls. Furthermore, the center console of the Cybertruck does not appear to transform into a sixth seat, limiting the truck’s passenger capacity compared to some of its competitors.

Potential Impact on Driver Experience

The leaked photo of the Cybertruck’s interior raises concerns about the overall driver experience. With the absence of traditional controls and the unconventional steering wheel design, some may question whether the Cybertruck will provide a comfortable and intuitive driving experience. The capacitive touch buttons for turning signals may require drivers to take their eyes off the road to locate and press the correct button, potentially leading to distractions and safety concerns. Additionally, the lack of a transforming center console may limit the truck’s versatility and practicality for those who frequently transport more than five passengers.

Tesla’s Design Philosophy

The leaked photo of the Cybertruck’s interior aligns with Tesla’s design philosophy, which has often prioritized minimalism and futuristic aesthetics. Tesla vehicles, including the Model S and Model 3, have been known for their clean and uncluttered interiors, featuring large touchscreens and minimal physical buttons. While this design approach has been praised by some for its sleek and modern look, others have criticized it for sacrificing practicality and ease of use. The leaked photo suggests that Tesla is continuing this design trend with the Cybertruck, potentially appealing to those who value a cutting-edge and unique driving experience.

Anticipation for the Official Reveal

Despite the leaked photo providing a sneak peek into the Cybertruck’s interior, there is still much anticipation for the official reveal. Tesla has a history of surprising and delighting its customers with innovative features and unexpected design choices. The official delivery event for the Cybertruck is expected to provide a comprehensive look at the interior, including any additional features and improvements that may not be evident from the leaked photo. This event will likely generate significant media attention and consumer interest, as people eagerly await the opportunity to experience the Cybertruck firsthand and form their own opinions about its interior design.


The leaked photo of the Tesla Cybertruck’s interior has generated excitement and speculation among automotive enthusiasts. The unconventional steering wheel design and the absence of traditional features have sparked discussions about the practicality and driver experience of the Cybertruck. While some may appreciate Tesla’s minimalist and futuristic design approach, others may have concerns about the functionality and ease of use. The official reveal of the Cybertruck’s interior at Tesla’s delivery event will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the design choices and features that will be available to customers. Until then, the leaked photo serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the interior of one of the most highly anticipated vehicles of recent years.

Written by Martin Cole

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